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Should we be selling .......Christian Watson.......Seriously (1 Viewer)

Yea spreading around 150 yards of passing of which 90% is less than 3 yards (i didn't look that up just making a point) isn't going to a fantasy boon for anyone
This is stemming from some data I shared in the Jordan Love thread.

Love is ranked QB4 in my leagues scoring

but he's:

averaging 14.5 completions
averaging 198 yards passing
got 6 TD passes - the whole team only has 7 (1 rushing)
averaging 1 TD pass per 5 completions; Mahomes threw a TD per 10 completions last year, as did Allen
got a 56% completion rate, Mahomes was 67% and Allen 63% last year
got the 2nd worst completion rate compared to expected in the league behind Fields (I have also seen it stated Love has the 3rd worst)


He's averaging 1.37 fantasy pts per completion (not sure of the system PFN used)

2022 MVP Patrick Mahomes: 0.86
2021 MVP Aaron Rodgers: 0.85
2020 MVP Aaron Rodgers: 0.98

Regression is coming in a bad way.

But do you feel there is enough here to support a top 15 WR going forward? Completions and yardage are not good and the TD ratio likely can't be maintained.
It would take a lot of yardage to offset the likely reduction in TD rate

So should we be trading Watson asap while he's an unknown for 2023?
Great call @The Dude

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