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ScoringSack=3Int=4Tackle=1Assist=.5FF=1FR=4PD=.5DL-Abraham-NYJ vs KC. I am still not sure just how many snaps he will see.DL-Rice-TB vs Min. DL- Odom- TEN vs PIT. I drafted him after a good preseason and figure they will be on defense a lot.LB- Vilma- NYJ vs KC. No brainerLB- Witherspoon- CAR vs NO. I drafted him because his speed and versatility made him a top 15 scorer last year in our league.LB- Crowder- MIA vs DEN. He is starting and against a Den team who likes to run.DB- Boulware- SEA vs JAX.DB- M. Williams- CIN vs CLE.DB- M. Lewis- PHI vs ATLAny comments would be greatly appreciated.


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