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Summerpalooza V -- Playoffs Over -- Eephus Is Now Two-Time Summerpalooza Champion (1 Viewer)

I was afraid he might have murdered two people

I thought Rex got inappropriately political or something. I didn't know that croc tears were now the province of one Mr. Rittenhouse, who I've heard way too much about these past few years.
You had some bad luck this season, buddy.

LOL. We, um, stunk. Like really badly.

I almost acquitted myself in the Shining Path league. I was tied for first at 10-5, but finished in fifth, if that makes sense, just out of the playoffs.

I will not share what happened with my main dynasty team until the results are updated Monday. Then it might be time to par-tay. Or heartbreak. Either way, though, no big deal, amirite?
Congrats to Eephus and the Lions and everyone else who deserves congratulations!

How'd you do in your redraft league that you started off poorly in but then went on a run?
I got completely blown out in the final. Total reversion to the first half of the season. My only player that scored a TD was the Jacksonville D. But that's OK, I was playing with house money. I finished 8th in total points and all-play record.
I've been a Packer backer for longer than most of you have been alive but I'm not disappointed at all to be done with this Packers team. They teased for the past month but ultimately didn't show up when it counted. It just saves me a week of having to listen to trash talk from 49ers fans and the three hours watching Green Bay getting beat out here next weekend.
I should review my championship season before I forget about it.

The biggest success factor was hitting on three of my top four picks. Ekeler, Kelce and Hurts formed a consistent core throughout the regular season. As always in fantasy, good health was important. Marquise Brown was injured in the middle of the season but WR is probably the easiest position to fill in a 16 team league.

My biggest waiver pick up was Justin Allgeier after his week 1 inactive. It took a while for him to get touches but he became an every week RB2 once he did. I was also able to ride the Greg Dortch train early on and get production from Devante Parker and Terrace Marshall while Hollywood was out.

3rd rounder Cam Akers was the biggest bust for me. I churned RB relentlessly in an attempt to find a replacement but almost all of them never left the bench due to Allgeier's breakout. I don't know which is worse: adding Trestan Ebner twice as a free agent or spending $38 to add Zack Moss twice. I also added Tyrion Davis-Price on two separate occasions.

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