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Tampa Bay at Detroit (1 Viewer)

Burleson is killing it. I've had him stashed on the bench for a few weeks, but did not put him in today. Could cost me the playoffs...

I didn't see this coming. Hopefully Burleson returning to prominence is good for Calvin owners down the stretch. Doesn't seem to be the case today.

pick 6 with a minute left in the half

letting 'em hang around should be blowing them out
That's what the Lions do. And why I love having Megatron in FF, cause not only he is an unstoppable beast, but the Lions rarely blow teams out, so they are usually throwing, and Stafford throws too many picks at times, which means they are often playing from behind and having to come back and win. Hence, even more throwing.

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Pettigrew caught a ball thrown at his face and it's a touchdown.

They must have stressed "the-old-dont-duck-strategy" at halftime

Revis now with helmet off, relaxing on the bench watching the game chit-chatting.

Just give him a beer and 7 more TVs in front of him and he'd pretty much be my clone right now.

Every time I start to believe Stafford is a quality QB he goes through waves of ineffectiveness and poor mechanics. I can't get a read on him.

Greg Schiano loves missed field goals in the fourth quarter of close games. This will be the third time they lose because of that.


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