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Texans will NOT be taking Young... (1 Viewer)


Sorry if honda, didn't see this anywhere though...

Texans narrow choice to two players, not Young


April 26, 2006

HOUSTON (AP) -- The Houston Texans will take Southern Cal running back Reggie Bush or North Carolina State defensive end Mario Williams with the first pick in Saturday's draft, general manager Charley Casserly said Wednesday.

The Texans dashed the hopes of University of Texas fans everywhere who have been clamoring for the team to pick Vince Young, a Houston native who led the Longhorns to a Rose Bowl victory over Bush and USC.

"We came to the conclusion that to draft a quarterback, whether it be Vince Young, Matt Leinart or Jay Cutler, was not the best thing for this football team," Casserly said. "The best thing for this football team was to use the first pick in this draft to add a premier player at another position."

Casserly said that part of their decision-making process involved contacting other teams to see if there was any interest in trading for their pick.

"Right now we have nobody interested in that first pick, so we have gone ahead and begun negotiations with two players," Casserly said.


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KFFL Breaking News

Texans and Bush Nearing Contract

Adam Schefter, of the NFL Network, reports USC RB Reggie Bush is expected to receive a contract exceeding six years and $49 million from the Houston Texans.


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