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The trades you've made this week...and why? (1 Viewer)

Dyansty, full IDP...pts per recption:Gave:Lamont JordanJustin FargasShaun RogersLemar MArshallGot:Tiki BarberM. Moore (I have C. Taylor)J. TrotterI won title last year, making push to try to win it two years in a row. Logn way to go, but at least I get tiki for the push and keep him from going to a competitor.
:thumbdown: If Champ was in the deal it would be good.
LOL, the enigma better known as Champ in i2. Forever sought after, forever unattainable.
(got) LT and Joey Galloway for Shaun Alexander, Marvin Harrison, Larry Fitzgerald. (my record is 2-4.. needed help)

And then (gave) Frank Gore and Chris Chambers for Randy Moss and Darrell Jackson.

So now my starting RBs and WRs are:

RB (start 3): LT, Kevin Jones, Chester Taylor, Tatum Bell, Leon Washington

WR (start 4): Randy Moss, Darrell Jackson, Joey Galloway, Lee Evans, Amani Toomer, Joe Horn, Drew Bennett
So, you got R Moss and D Jax for Gore and Chambers?Wow. Deal.

Got a little scared about Portis and traded:

M. Furrey & M. Morris



Might have been a bit much for him but I'm set at WR anyway.

Last week traded Willis Mcgahee for Shawn Alexander. Hope that pays off.

This week traded Pennington, Wayne & Dom Rhodes for TO, Cadillac & Lendale White.

12 team dynasty - I made 3 moves this past week.....

gave Trent Green/Huard for McNair/Boller/Colston

reason - well, thought it was a pretty equal trade on the QB's. My other QB's are Lefty/Garrard and Romo. My WR's are WEAK, so Colston is a starter at WR2 or WR3. Was starting Branch, Keyshaun, Toomer or Jones

gave Willie Parker/Toomer for Houshmanzadeh (championship)/2nd round rookie pick.

reason. Again, my WR's blew and I had depth at RB. Westbrook, Portis, Parker, Jones-Drew and Jacobs.

gave Matt Jones/2nd round rookie pick for Betts.

reason. after trading away my security blanket (Parker) I got a little uneasy watching Portis go down again on Sunday. The Betts owner has been holding me ransom for 2 years. Plus, I am hoping Betts gets shipped out at season end.

Overall, I still start Westbrook & Portis each week and still start Leftwich and possibly will change to Romo if he stops throwing TD's for the opponents. I know start Housh, Keyshaun and either Colston or Branch at WR3.

14 team PPR dynasty

Traded Edge/Arrington for Alexander/Michael Robinson

Now I have to start Jordan until SA comes back. :wall:

I traded Jordan and got back Kevin Jones (RB2 spot).A bit of a panic on my part but Jordan is @ Bal and then has a bye, so he's basically useless to me for the next two weeks. KJ has a tough matchup this week but I'm pretty high on him for the rest of the year.
Self-bump, but had I not done this my season would be completely different right now :bag:
I just traded Lundy and S Moss for Norwood and M Harrison....why? Because I was smart and pimped Lundy for 3 days and wore the guy down :)

Dynasty last week (14 team league):

2007 first round pick (mid to late first round)

WR Rod Smith, DEN


WR D. Jackson, SEA

14 team PPR dynasty

Gave Frank Gore

Got Maroney and a 2007 1st (should be late)

We can only start 2 Rbs and I already have Westy, Portis and FWP.

12 team...Keep 6...Re-draft

Just traded away Moss for Deion Branch straight up.

Playoffs around the corner, trade deadline in a week.

Currently in first, but couldn't stand the inconsistency from Moss....I'll take Branch's production week to week. Only need him as my #3 WR, and I see the Seattle team playing hard to make playoffs. Radiers are dead in the water.

Done deal, now just waiting to see if league rejects it ,which I can't imagine happening.

dynasty league

trade 1

traded Horn for T Henry- to add RB depth

Trade 2

traded Garrard for Vick- steal, have Palmer just to add depth

traded 3

Traded my 1st round pick in 2007 for A. Green- more RB depth and my #2 RB now

These trades where made to help me win now.

dynasty league

Trade 2

traded Garrard for Vick- steal, have Palmer just to add depth

These trades where made to help me win now.
Please elaborate on this one - picks involved?
the other guy has had Vick since he was a rookie. Vick has burned him over the years. Basically he played him at the wrong times. He decided to trade Vick and be done with him. He was only asking for a 2nd round pick. I offered him 2 trades.Garrard for Vick


my 2nd round pick in 07 for Vick.

he took Garrard :shrug:

I think he could of got more

dynasty league

Trade 2

traded Garrard for Vick- steal, have Palmer just to add depth

These trades where made to help me win now.
Please elaborate on this one - picks involved?
the other guy has had Vick since he was a rookie. Vick has burned him over the years. Basically he played him at the wrong times. He decided to trade Vick and be done with him. He was only asking for a 2nd round pick. I offered him 2 trades.Garrard for Vick


my 2nd round pick in 07 for Vick.

he took Garrard :shrug:

I think he could of got more
wow. good for you. sheesh.
Last week , standard PPR redraft league, start 3 IDP

I traded:

Berrian, Bernard WR CHI - Traded from Smack Daddies

Brees, Drew QB NO - Traded from Smack Daddies

Briggs, Lance LB CHI - Traded from Smack Daddies

Bruce, Isaac WR STL - Traded from Smack Daddies


Bennett, Drew WR TEN - Traded from Arizona Heat

Quarles, Shelton LB TB - Traded from Arizona Heat

Robinson, Marcus WR MIN - Traded from Arizona Heat

Smith, Steve WR CAR - Traded from Arizona Heat

His starting qb was Huard (who last week was only going to play one more week) My starter is Peyton Manning, so I took the chance and eliminated depth to increase my starting WR (which was Berrian/Bruce/Glen/Jennings/Chambers)

So basically I traded a top 10 qb, 2 #2-3 WRs, and a #2 IDP for Steve Smith.

Him losing Berrian really sucks for his team -but at the time Berrian was considered a goodWR

Freddie and Reg Brown for Chad Johnson and SD def. I have Portis and Chester along with Colston/Chambers/Evans. I was hoping to package Portis and Chad for LJ, but was shot down. :banned:

I traded Addai and L. Coles for Reggie Wayne. Addai was my #3 rb and I felt the upgrade to Wayne over Coles was worth getting rid of some depth.

Before last week's games, 2 different leagues, both redraft:

Traded Gore for Plaxico

Traded Ocho Cinco for Philip Rivers

In a 4 man keeper, I traded

Tony Romo / Colston


Steve Smith / Pennington

My roster now looks like:

QB: Palmer, pennington, garrard

RB: LT, Dunn, Taylor, Washington

WR: Owens, Walker, S Smith, Branch

TE: Witten

D: Bears

I didn't want to take the risk with colston as a keeper, and traded him for an already established stud.

I hated having to trade Maroney away in a keeper league but here is the situation:

My draft this year was:

1.02 Shaun Alexander (non PPR league so I thought he would be better than LT...what an idiotic move )

2.11 Marvin Harrison

3.02 Carson Palmer

4.11 Jamal Lewis

5.02 Laurence Maroney

6.11 Muhsin Muhammad

7.02 Frank Gore

etc etc

Now, the rules of this league are that I am allowed to keep 6 players from my 1st year to the 2nd year, with the following restrictions:

- I can only keep 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K and 1 D maximum as part of my 6 keeper players

- I can only keep 3 players from my 1st 6 players drafted

So, basically if I had kept Maroney, then assuming I keep Shaun Alex too for next year, I am stuck with having to drop Frank Gore (2 RB constraint) and one out of Harrison or Palmer (only 3 allowed from 1st 6picks). So that option would lead me to a team of:

Palmer, Shaun A, Maroney next year and LOSING Gore and Harrison


Harrison, Shaun A, Maroney next year and LOSING Palmer and Frank Gore

So to avoid that mess, I traded Maroney away for Plaxico Burress.

Now, next year I get to keep:

Palmer, Gore, Shaun Alexander, Burress and Harrison (and I will keep Kellen Winslow II too - my 9th rounder from this year)

And I get better WR for the stretch run this year too (with Toomer out, hopefully this helps more)

So yes I lost Maroney but I think I got the best return I could (I tried getting Fitz, Holt, TO and even Randy Moss but did not get the bites I needed)

What do you think? Good move or not....walk me off the ledge because if Gore breaks another leg or something and Maroney becomes a stud on the NE team, I am gonna be mad :wall: :rant: :hot:

All FBG dynasty league: 14 teams, start 1QB, 2RB, 2WR/TE, 2 Flex, 1ppr WR, 2ppr TE

Yesterday I traded:

Mike Furrey + an extra '07 1st (likely on the high end of the 8-14 range)

for Santana Moss + '07 2nd (high end of the 8-14 range)

Who knows what Furrey's long-term value really is and I wanted to add to my WR core as I basically have Steve Smith & Javon and a bunch of prospects. I'm mostly out of the running this year, so I don't mind Santana's hamstring for the short-term.

I traded Mike Bell for the New England D. I was doing the waiver wire Ds and hit on some but also missed a few times.

In seperate leagues I've made the following trades over the past couple weeks.

PPR, 6 pts per TD, 1 pt per 20 rush/rec (Keep one guy from each position)

I traded - Caddy, Driver, Foster, Kellen Winslow

Got back - FWP, Housh, Thomas Jones and Ben Watson

In a dynasty league PPR, 6 pts per TD, 1 pt per 10 rush/rec - start QB, RB, WR, TE, 3 Flex, PK, DEF

I traded - Edgerrin James and DeShaun Foster

Got back - Chris Chambers and Vernon Davis

My team is now

Hasselbeck, Kitna, KJones, RBrown, DRhodes, Boldin, Chambers, Muhammad, ABryant, Des Clark, Vernon Davis

In this same dynasty league I can also get Shaun Alexander and Chris Henry for Ronnie Brown. I'm struggling with this decision. :confused:

League rules listed below.

I trade: Broncos QB/Gabriel

I get: Lions QB/Nate Washington

I'm spinning my wheels at 3-6 and needed a QB upgrade. Gabriel was my WR3, but IMO was expendable.

I think Plummer will be more consistent from here on out, but at least for the next couple of weeks, Kitna has some nice matchups (SF, @Ari.) in what are must-wins for me.

I just traded away Torry Holt and Cadillac for Kevin Jones and Joe Horn. I desperately need help at RB and waited too long to make a deal. I have McGahee so I'm stuck starting Kevin Jones and Deshawn Foster. I hope they produce :bag:

in a dynasty league where you protect 9 of 22

i traded alexander, lundy


portis, fargas

see my team now at the botton of my post

edited to say; to dump alexander and his broken foot that will not heal

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Redraft: just traded away Driver straight up for A. Green.

With Leon Washington as my RB2, I needed to make a deal. I still have Holt, Owens and B. Edwards as my WRs.

Made 3 trades this week (mentioned one already)...

Plax/Maroney for Steve Smith

A-Train for Turner (Thank you McGahee for getting hurt!)

Branch for Lamont Jordan

Gives me this roster (I'm 8-1) :pickle:

QB: Kitna

RB: LT, Chester

WR: Smith, Boldin, TO

Flex: Driver

TE: Winslow

K: Wilkins

Def: Baltimore

Bench: Hass, Jordan, Turner, Moore, C Henry, Des Clark, Vernon Davis, Mark Clayton

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12 team re-draft, start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 D/ST, 1 Coach

Traded Ronnie Brown and Jon Kitna for Thomas Jones, Cedric Benson, and Andre Johnson

Still have Dunn, A. Green, and Addai at RB to go along with the the Bears duo, and I now get to replace Ike Bruce as my #3 WR (Holt and Roy Williams are my first 2). Pretty happy with the deal, especially since McNabb is my QB.

Traded depth for quality #1s

League 1 (8-Team redraft)

traded Brees + Coles for S Smith + Hass

League 2 (11-Team redraft)

traded Heap + Chambers for Fitz

I just swapped LB Thomas Howard OAK for QB Tony Romo DAL. May not seem like a very impactful trade, but the other guy has Arrington, Simmons and Merriman at LB so he needed a viable LB with not much on the waiver wire. I was stuck with Hasselbeck and Leftwich and Alex Smith and needed an option until Hasselbeck came back.

God my team sucks, but if I can somehow win 3 of the remaining 4 games I come back from an 0-6 start to make the playoffs.

I moved Brees & Stallworth for Boldin & Brady...

Not sure if it was a good move, but i think it will work out...

Traded Grossman, Thomas Jones & Doug Gabriel


Brees, Caddy, Reggie Brown

Jones was my 4th RB behind Ronnie Brown, Frank Gore & Ahman Green and I didn't trust Grossman anymore. If Reggie Brown can perform while Stallworth's on the field I'll be very happy.

traded SA and Leon Washington for SJax and Burress....

Got WR depth and a great younger back! Personally, I think I made out like a bandit...

Trade deadline this week in a 14 team//4 man keeper league.......moved DeAngelo Williams for Tiki. I am the highest scoring team and if the playoffs started today I would be out. Teaming him up with LJ I think can put me over the top. Hoping that Jones-Drew will be able to step in next year or Turner moves on and either be a keeper.

I traded my 3rd RB (Addai) & Reggie Brown for Torry Holt & LaMont Jordan. Yeah its risky if one of my RBs gets hurt (Rudi & Gore) but Im gonna try to trade for Chris Perry.

Now my WRs are SSmith, Holt and Horn (when healthy)

traded romo for joey galloway...romo was my #3 qb (behind kitna and brees), so he wasn't going to play. since we only have 10 teams (at least 2 too few), every team has at least one good qb. plus, i have terry glen as my #4 wr, and if his knee continues to give him problems, galloway could be a good situational play in some weeks over my #3 wr (antonio bryant).

Made 3 trades this week..... sitting at 5-4 (lost 2 games by less than 6 pts) 3 Player Keeper, 0.5 ppr, decimal scoring, team Def

1) Traded Reggie Wayne for Frank Gore

2) Traded Drew Bennett & my 4th round pick 2007 for Joey Galloway & a 7th round pick

3) traded my 5th round pick & Len Dale White for A Train & 7th round pick


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