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Thomas Jones Poll (1 Viewer)

Will TJ fend of competition to keep the #1 spot (ala Brees/Rivers), or will he succumb to the young

  • The job belongs to Jones (Brees/Rivers comparison).

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  • Benson will take over (Henry/MaGahee comparison).

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  • Here comes another RBBC.

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I view it as clearly Jones' job to lose, but the Henry/McGahee comparison may not be too far off. Per the blogger:RB Benson Should Have Bigger Impact In '06Larry Mayer, ChicagoBears.com - [Full Article]After a rookie year that was marred by a contract impasse and an injury, no player should benefit more from spending the offseason with the Bears than Cedric Benson who struggled in his rookie season, finishing with only 272 rushing yards. "It was a typical rookie season," said coach Lovie Smith. "The next year is normally a lot better and I see it that way for Cedric. He won't miss training camp this year and he'll be in the offseason program. He's a good football player. With an offseason program he should come back stronger and we'll get a chance to see the guy that we drafted in the first round hopefully early in the season."


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