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***Thursday Night Football: Chargers v Chiefs (-4)(54): Prime + Rib = Prime Rib Matchup*** (1 Viewer)

Ministry of Pain

-The real challenge tonight is the Chargers played a 24-19 nail biter to the Raiders and have to travel on a short week, they are going to be exhausted in the 4th Q tonight

The Chiefs had the game wrapped up pretty early and they got to come home and prepare, home field could be a major factor tonight. It's fun to root for the Chargers and in fact I just want to enjoy BOTH teams tonight and let the game play out vs writing the narrative but you have to think the Chiefs do have a big advantage tonight in terms of rest and preparedness

Chiefs have a young defense, I'm not a fan of Coach KK so I'm not surprised they pooped the bed last week. Chiefs will be challenged a lot more this week IMHO.
Pick-6 with Everett bent over at the waist
Longest Run of CEH career

Johnny Utah #9

To all those griping about Ekeler........(I get it) Just realize it could be much worse.

You could have drafted JuJu.

Every JuJu owner in all my leagues are pissed and complaining.
I had Juju in my sleeper list, but he he always went even higher than I was willing. He could end up having a good season, but the ride is going to be rough. This team just loves to spread the ball.5 different players with carries and ten with targets tonight. CEH the most touches with 11!
I was fading JuJu hard all summer. His ADP was always way too high imo. When has this kid showed anything without Mr. Big Chest drawing the best defenders away from him? He’s a ancillary piece at best.

Hot Sauce Guy

Why would a RB slide?
That was really weird.
Agreed, why not try and run all the way to the end zone?
He ran out of gas and didn’t want to lose the football when the defenders caught up to him.
Yeah. Seemed pretty straight forward. Stay in bounds and don't risk the TO.
Wrapped both arms around the football too.

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