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Tice on radio 10/01/03 (1 Viewer)

I was :rotflmao: because you said the Onterrio battle on this board was even. How's that exactly? Has Onterrio lived up to the hype you and others put on him? Not even close. How many posters (I could look it up if you want) said that Onterrio would definately have the starting job by week 4. How has Onterrio justified drafting him ahead of several different, more valuable players? I'm working on that list right now.I(and I was pretty much the main OSmith opponent) said that Onterrio wouldn't be the team's leading rusher at the end of the year and if he did it would be less than 850 yards (or was it 750). I also said the best case would be that Onterrio was the leading rusher in a RBBC. Have I been wrong so far?Please tell me how this is a "draw".
If you would take a basic reading comprehension course, you'd be able to see clearly I typed "this week"This week Onterrio and More finished with equal yardage. Moe did score 2 TDs, but O had a 2PC, and more carries.In other words, this week, for the people who were saying Tice was just blowing smoke, they were wrong, for the people (myself included) who were saying Smith would run all over ATL, they were wrong.From that point of view, it was a draw.Five weeks in, for the first time O saw MORE touches than Moe. Depending on whether Bennett returns or not, that should continue to happen. Tice already said they are going to continue running him more.It's a little early to say for certain who was right. Obviously at this point, Moe has defintiely put up the better stats. But 5 games isn't even 1/3 of the season.
It's kind of obvious that Tice WAS blowing smoke. He gave Chapman 6 carries in the 4th quarter that could have gone towards Onterrio's 100 yards if he was serious about getting him 100, he would have gotten enough carries to get him there. Also, do you know why Onterrio got more touches than Moe? Because he couldn't get it done. The Vikings started at the 23 yards line and ran it 4 times with Onterrio, didn't get a first down and turned it over on downs. If he breaks one of the first two and got a first down, he wouldn't have gotten the last two carries because they could have just took a knee twice and ended the game, but he couldn't get more than 2 yards per carry.So let's review, Tice said he would get 100 yards RUSHING. He doesn't and you call it a draw.

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