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Titans to sign QB Doug Johnson to backup Collins? (1 Viewer)


Ok, this took me by surprise:

Titans expected to sign Johnson to back up Collins at QBBy Chris MortensenESPN.com(Archive)Updated: September 11, 2008, 11:48 AM ETThe Titans are expected to sign Doug Johnson on Thursday to add to their quarterback depth going into Sunday's game at Cincinnati, a team source said.Johnson has greater familiarity with the Titans' offense under offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger in case something happens to Kerry Collins, who will start Sunday's game. Johnson is likely to be the No. 2 quarterback with Chris Simms, who signed with the Titans on Monday, as the third quarterback. Vince Young will be inactive.Johnson was with the Titans during the 2004 season when Heimerdinger was the team's offensive coordinator. Heimerdinger left the team in 2005 to become the New York Jets' offensive coordinator. The past two seasons he was an assistant with the Denver Broncos but returned to the Titans this season to run the team's offense.A Titans source said the team could carry all four quarterbacks for a good stretch, or at least until Simms gets familiar with the offense. Johnson was brought in for a tryout after Young was injured Sunday, along with Joey Harrington and Quinn Gray.The Titans signed Simms first and were working to close a deal with Johnson, who is expected to practice Thursday once he signs.
They've got Preston Parsons on the practice squad. He's actually been kicking around the NFL for parts of 6 years, but he never served more than 2 years on a practice squad or 1 full season of active duty.

After reading what Mack Brown said, maybe Simms is only there to help Young?
Eh, I think Mortenson's take is pretty dead on. Simms will be the #2 once he learns a bit of the offense. If Collins went down in Sunday's game and Simms were forced to come in, he wouldn't be able to do very much. Johnson gives them the ability to at least run a bit of the offense right out of the gate.

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