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Top 101 Movies of the 90s. We are done. If I knock out Amadeus/Brazil/Ran, We get to have an 80s countdown!! (2 Viewers)


rockaction said:
Oh man. 

You're kidding. I totally missed the list. 

I need to get a better grip on the final list, then. It would behoove one. Especially before one runs his mouth like I just did. 

You'll have to forgive me. I'm listening to The Rapture's Out Of The Races and Onto The Tracks and it's pretty jarring. Don't remember it this way. Whoa! 
The funny thing is you are the second one to call out our lack of Toy Story.  :lol:



rockaction said:
Bound to happen. I wasn't really being critical, just joining you in the shout-out and giving an opinion. 

Now for some real criticism: 

I'm catching up on the thread and AAABatteries pointed out that Toy Story didn't make the list. Wow. 

Toy Story would be around top twenty for me, and didn't even make your lists. That I hadn't thought of. I forgot that was nineties, actually. 

Astounding Pixar movies from that era. 

But you guys have already spoken to animation, so there's that criteria there. 
It was Andy!  I just repeating it and then you.  It was like the telephone game.


Andy Dufresne

Another recent a-ha moment about Fargo...

Carl gets himself killed over about $10k after he finds himself in possession of $1m. He refuses to pay Gaear for half of a POS car just because...once a small time crook always a small time crook. He just buried a million dollars!

Let it go, dude. But he just...can't.

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