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Waiver Wire Week 0 (1 Viewer)


I know it's a little early for this thread, considering the season hasn't even started yet. But for those of us with buyers remorse after the draft or J Dwyer owners like me, it's not too early to hit the waiver wire to solidify our rosters. *** For those leagues that run waivers before the season. ***

Some suggestions;

Terrelle Pryor - just named Oakland's staritng QB. Nobody is claiming he's a week one starter, but if he puts up a decent game against Indy, the price to get him could skyrocket. Right now, he's free.

Heath Miller - seemed like a PUP candidate, but the may be back by week 4. was a solid TE last season, and brings TE1 upside if his knee heals up.

Brent Celek - Led the Eagles 3rd preseason game in targets. Rookie Zach Ertz limits his upside, but who knows how involved the rookie will be early on?

Felix Jones? - I got to admit. This is a head scratcher. But Isaac Redman isn't going to hold down the starting job for long. If Felix is anything like his spot duty last year spelling for injured Demarco Murray, he could be fantasy gold for the first few weeks till Leveon Bell gets back.

If I were you I'd grab Marlon Brown before Thursday night's game, especially in deeper leagues. If he happens to do something then you're off to the races. If not just throw him back and wait for a more opportune time to grab him.


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