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We have pope (1 Viewer)

Weird ... I had the video on in the background, and just had a feeling this was the time and checked when the white smoke came billowing out.

this ceremony is fitting- the catholic church has been blowing smoke up people's asses for hundreds of years..

Im hoping Young Jeezy comes out with a sequel to his song My President

My president is black

My pope is too

And Ill be ### ####ed if my rims aint too

I think it would be great if Benedict pulled a Favre and came back for one Advent season. Or became the leader of the Episcopalians.

- Gaffigan

I'll sing you an Orange song, made by strange old pate.

Who, loving Papists in his heart, their doctirnes vile did hate,

Of a fine true-hearted Protestant, faithful to Church and State,

And our grand Constitution prized, of Sixteen Eighty-eight;

Like a fine, true-hearted Protestant, one of the olden time.

2. His heart and purse had ready been, to aid the good old cause,

And his brave right hand drew the sword in aid of King and laws;

When duty urged him into strife, he did not dare to pause,

But taught to save all that he lov'd from Rome's devouring jaws;

Like a fine, true-hearted Protestant, one of the olden time.

3. And when each year the sun shone out upon that hallowed day

When William drove the tyrant James from Boyne's famed banks away;

Yes, on each twelfth day of July, he'd head the grand array

Of those who bless'd their father's God for crushing Popish sway;

Like a fine, true-hearted Protestant, one of the olden time. 4. And there were dangers in his path, yet felt he honest pride

In their illustrious names nad deeds, who in truth's cause have died;

And trusting only in his God, his bright sword by his side,

Abroad, at home, in peace or strife, Rome's legions he defied:

Like a fine, true-hearted Protestant, one of the olden time.

Pope just announced on ESPN: "I am taking my talents to the Vatican"

Next up, Skip Bayless debates that Tim Tebow shouldve been named pope because he is a winner.

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Here is the latest betting lines:

Archbishop Angelo Scola (Italy)


Cardinal Peter Erdo (Hungary)


Patriarch Bechara Peter Rai (Lebanon)


Cardinal Christoph Schonborn (Austria)


Cardinal Leonardo Sandri (Argentina)


Cardinal Philippe Barbarin (France)


Cardinal Peter Turkson (Ghana)


Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi (Italy)


Cardinal Francis Arinze (Nigeria)


Cardinal Odilo Scherer (Brazil)


Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Argentina)


Cardinal Albert Malcolm Ranjith (Sri Lanka)


Cardinal Sean O'Malley (United States)


Cardinal Joao Braz de Aviz (Brazil)


Archbishop Vincent Nichols (England)


Cardinal Marc Ouellet (Canada)


Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco (Italy)


Richard Dawkins (UK)


Cardinal Timothy Dolan (United States)


Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga (Honduras)


Father Dougal Maguire (Craggy Island)


Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle (Philippines)


Cardinal Wilfrid Napier (South Africa)


Bono (Ireland)


Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone (Italy)


I'm guessing that the selection is a lot like picking the new Johnny Bravo. They see who can fit the hat. Or who has the biggest wang. one of those.


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