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Week 18 2023 who should I start thread **OFFICIALLY UNOFFICIAL** (1 Viewer)


This is where we ask questions and offer help.

Thank you to all the posters who come here to offer that help.

A couple notes:

I attempt to give well considered responses to all questions posted. I can't get to everything, but I'll try.

1) This only works if people participate. If you ask for help it is good form to offer help to someone else.

2) It helps if you post the matchup. e.g. Cousins vs Den or James Cook @ Mia

3) Please post important league scoring considerations (e.g. PPR, super-flex etc).

4) Please go easy on the nicknames, save that for other threads. We can't help if we don't know who you are talking about.

View this as an exercise to help focus your thoughts about teams in general. Players you own may not be involved in these WDIS questions but certainly you will own players on many of these teams. Analyzing other players will help you identify things you may have otherwise not considered.

Let's go win some Toilet Bowls!!!

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