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Who are your 2022 Shark Pool MVPs (Most Valuable Posters)? (1 Viewer)

No shortage of folks, but I'll cite three:

@Faust - a perennial MVP for always bringing to light articles and info when we don't have the time to do so.
@Chaka - just as a starter, his weekly WDIS thread/contributions was invaluable
@BobbyLayne - always bringing the insight, especially helpful for all things Lions.

Thanks, but just to clarify, my Detroit RB advice is wrong 90% of the time lol

I appreciate what @Faust and @The Frankman contribute - makes TSP a good repository of information and it's all manual, thanks for the effort guys
@Hot Sauce Guy is like the Najee Harris of boards. A volume play who in the bleak times of the off-season you come to appreciate the consistency of his performance.
Good call on HSG - big time PPR guy with a lot of upside.
I’m aiming to eventually be Tim Brown-esque in longevity. A consistent accumulator who eventually makes the HOF.
Your Gabe Davis take will be a strike against any HOF votes! 😁😁😁
i just went and looked up who was doing the weekly waiver wire threads.

yep, that was also Faust.

thanks again to everyone who contributed in those. my draft was terrible this year and it took me weeks of waiver wires to cobble together a competitive team.
Most mentioned already, but also thanks to all the posters inside the various team threads who give priceless in depth info on their respective clubs

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