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Who's Hotter? Olivia Wilde or Kate Beckinsale (1 Viewer)

Who's hotter?

  • Olivia Wilde

    Votes: 61 23.6%
  • Kate Beckinsale

    Votes: 198 76.4%

  • Total voters
Are we talking about living with some hot chick or banging some hot chick? Who in all holy hell cares if she smokes.

I mentioned in the other thread that Olivia Munn wasn't in the same league as Olivia Wilde. But the drop-off from Kate Beckinsale to Olivia Wilde might be an even bigger disparity than Wilde to Munn.

Kate Beckinsale is up near the top of the 1% of the 1%, of all time

olivia munn is better looking than wilde but beckinsale is the numbero uno of all time forever in the universe and galaxy bromigos and you can as they say in the bronks take dat to da bank and foget about it brohans


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