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windows window organizer (1 Viewer)


Anyone use a windows organizer that actually remembers the locations of apps on your desktop and you can create shortcuts that will automatically shift where applications are? I want it so everytime I open another window of the same application it opens in that specific area that I had originally layed out.

Fences organizes icons but not sure about what you are asking for. 

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Fences organizes icons but not sure about what you are asking for. 
I have a large monitor. I want outlook to be in one portion of the screen. Word in another, adobe in another. I can do that easily with just organizing the windows, but what I want is all other multiple windows of the same application to populate on top of each other. Standard windows does not do this. Also, Perhaps when my main focus is on word, I want to make that change to a different portion of my screen, so it would be nice to have a keyboard shortcut that would arrange the applications on my screen differently and save these orientations.


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