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Worst Officiating of the Year goes to... (1 Viewer)


No way that I saw all of the bad calls this year even though every one has surely seen the most controversial ones. There will probably be a few more before the weekend is over. Mike Pereira does the "offical review" segment on NFL Total Access, but I've never watched him man up and flat out say that one of his officials were wrong. Should Steve Smith have been ejected? Should there have been a helmet to helmet call on John Lynch vs. KC? And didn't it really look like the Panthers got a piece of that Dallas FG? You get the idea - and I know we won't all agree. That said, please list your nominees for worst calls of the season - this is gonna be good. :violin:Personally, I get upset thinking about the helmet to helmet call vs. Lynch. It really wasn't a game changing call though. I don't think there was any stopping Larry Johnson that day in KC. The part that bothers me is Mike Pereira refusing to comment on it in his segment on Total Access because it was still "under review". I'd like to see someone man up when they blow a call. The officiating in San Diego was sub-par today, too. Still, I'm looking for that game changing "how in the world did they call that!?!" kinda play for the best nominee. And yes, the officials do get the large majority of the calls right, we don't give them enough credit, blah, blah, blah....let's hear the dirt!

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