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2023 Mid Year Song Draft - Start Monday July 10 (1 Viewer)

5.ee - RVG - Brain Worms​

By my account, we have 75 tracks • 4 hours, 26 minutes of music to this point.

I threw out some likes to those songs that I've particularly enjoyed. We've got another splendid playlist going here. Much appreciated!

12. Black Country, New Road — Across the Pond Friend

Days after releasing the critically acclaimed album Ants From Up There in February 2022, frontman Isaac Wood quit the band due to anxiety/mental health issues. I think he’s decorating cakes these days or something like that.

With an upcoming tour already scheduled, the remaining band members wanted to continue on but without any of the songs Isaac sung (all of them). They quickly whipped together some songs they had been individually working on for new material to perform. Those ended up being recorded for a live album. This is one of those songs.

This band was great with Isaac. I’m skeptical they can be great without him but they’ll at least be good.

13. Squid — Swing (In a Dream)

Their album will likely be in my top 5 at year-end but the songs probably aren’t good for this draft. Most of them are long and can take several listens to like. But, we’re in round 13, so why not?

J.13 - I Think I Might Be Weird by ****ed Up

I was not able to search for this one... but I do not think that they were picked yet. I will have spotty availability for the rest of the week, if I don't catch up this may wind up as my last pick. I will try to sneak in at least 2 more though.

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