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2023 Year-end Song Draft - Ends Thursday Jan 25 (2 Viewers)

9... konika & maliko- american analog set

I feel like I started listening to them at the beginning of my spotify days- couldve been an early find through algorithms. never remember them, until a song pops up on random, and them I'm like- why aren't I listening more? have that krautrock, feelies, lewsberg... find a hook/groove and ride it into the sunset vibe I love. punk as **** is an all timer.

10... tiger- pip blom
I probably took this in the 1st half draft, but don't care- still holds up for me, and I'm finding this more dancey/techno direction interesting from them. big fan of theirs.

I am surprised I missed Tiger by Pip Blom, right up my alley. Will have to check out their catalog.
Round 15 - (#6 counting down from #20)

Wies - Venus

Pop Music, Psych Pop, Alt Rock trio from Netherlands

A friend mind described this song:
"It's kind of like ABBA on 'shrooms that were pre-soaked in amphetamine dosed bong water. I mean that in the best way."

7... six-pack- shame

came out at the beginning of the year... still love it.

8... evolution- braids
I have an irrational soft spot for braids since hearing mini-skirt years ago.

The video for Evolution is pretty cool, too.

11... tradgarden- ****kid
I can't always take her voice, but she can put down some great riotgrrl stuff. pretty sure she's dutch... like pip blom.

12... anyway I find you- the men
used to regularly put out bangers- I guess have mellowed. not always my scene, this kind of sound- but I dig the tune.

The Men's Anyway I Found You has a flavor of The Dream Syndicate trying their hand at Alt Country. Nice.
Round 16 - (#5 counting down from #20)

Jalen Ngonda - That's All I Wanted From You

My favorite Soul or R&B song of the year. Has a 60's Motown flavor.

Love his voice and could listen to this guy all day.

15. In The Morning - My Dad is Dead

As far as I can tell, this song was written at some point in the 80s but actually never released and put out this year as part of a 3-song EP.

Whoa. Never thought I'd see this band mentioned.

It was definitely an influential song with my group of friends from college.
Round 17 - (#4 counting down from #20)

Eyedress - Flowers & Chocolate

LoFi, Bedroom Pop, Dream Pop with a garage mindset.

🎶 I'm sorry, forgot to get you flowers
I'm sorry if I made your morning sour
Don't cry, you know there's always next time
You see me in the best light
I'll do it right next time

No surprise, I know what the problem is
Could have made you smile, did the opposite
Wouldn't hurt to keep all my promises
Should have got you flowers and chocolate🎶

I added my last four songs to the playlist - it doesn't seem like it was updated for a while but can't figure out where it left off and was going a little nutty trying to figure it out so just added my songs.
18. Ethan P. Flynn — Demolition

Why do I love moments of screaming/yelling so much in music? Not a lot of it but when it’s carefully placed in a song like this one.

Round 18 - (#3 counting down from #20)

The Future Us - Letting Go

This has a 70's Classic Rock feel. Almost sounds like a demo a band might have done to sell a song to Paul Rodgers and Free.

15. In The Morning - My Dad is Dead

As far as I can tell, this song was written at some point in the 80s but actually never released and put out this year as part of a 3-song EP.

Yeah, recorded in 1988 but a 2023 release.

Interesting...somewhat discordant as they seem out of tune...but it works, I like it.

Spotify has it (as part of the Myd Remix) was February 3, 2023 but it wouldn't be the first time they were off on dates.
19. Hope is a Dangerous Little Thing - Menzingers

I love Menzingers, and while their latest release did not do it for me, this song is an absolute ear worm. I will be singing it to myself for the rest of the morning now.

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