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2023 Year-end Song Draft - Ends Thursday Jan 25 (1 Viewer)

Round 12 - (#9 counting down from #20)

Two Door Cinema Club - Sure Enough

Band from Bangor, Northern Ireland with a pulsating electro pop banger!

Round 13 - (#8 counting down from #20)

More In Luv - Lazy

All of my friends they come lazy🎶

Irresistible, fun bop, and hard not to sing along with.

Round 14 - (#7 counting down from #20)

JoshKingz - I Love That Woman

9... konika & maliko- american analog set

I feel like I started listening to them at the beginning of my spotify days- couldve been an early find through algorithms. never remember them, until a song pops up on random, and them I'm like- why aren't I listening more? have that krautrock, feelies, lewsberg... find a hook/groove and ride it into the sunset vibe I love. punk as **** is an all timer.

10... tiger- pip blom
I probably took this in the 1st half draft, but don't care- still holds up for me, and I'm finding this more dancey/techno direction interesting from them. big fan of theirs.
11... tradgarden- ****kid
I can't always take her voice, but she can put down some great riotgrrl stuff. pretty sure she's dutch... like pip blom.

12... anyway I find you- the men
used to regularly put out bangers- I guess have mellowed. not always my scene, this kind of sound- but I dig the tune.
these were my slam dunk #1a and b new songs of the year. except they were only new to me... came out in the last couple years.

1a- eyes- wine lips


2019 lol
I'll count it.

and btw... sent me down an aussie rabbit hole I thought I'd previously plumbed- spent most of the 2nd half of the year listeng to all of these guys over and over. ok... wine lips are, I think, canadian... but that's basically the same thing.

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