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Chris Baker to Fins? (1 Viewer)


Yet he may be the starter should the Jets be unable to re-sign Chris Baker, who is being coveted by the Dolphins. Baker wasn't a standout but he was a rapidly improving athlete who stood out from time to time. The Jets could also use second-year player Joel Dreessen, a late-round pick last year who was viewed as a potential starter by the previous regime.


How bout that McMichael owners?

The Dolphins just signed TE Justin Peele (formally of the Chargers), so I dont think Baker will sign.

As for Mcmichael owners, I dont think this move will have much of an impact. Peele is supposedly a good run-blocker and new OC Mike Mularkey calls a lot of 2 TE sets. The Phins had nobody of significance backing up McMichael until Peele was signed.

Youre right, Teyo Johnson is a pass catching option at TE. Still, I dont see him cutting into McMichaels production. The system Mularkey runs will have a greater impact than any backup TE they acquire IMO. Teyo was just signed after the season, though hes not much of a blocking TE (which is one of the reasons they signed Peele).

With the Dolphins being very short of WR's beyond Booker and Chambers, Teyo may actually see some time at Wide Receiver. JMO of course.

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I seriously doubt Baker is coming to Miami.

They just signed TE Justin Peele who is an upgrade over Diamond. Will improve McMike's ability to go and run routes instead of staying back to block.


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