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Cleveland at Green Bay (1 Viewer)

Browns WR Davone Bess with his SEVENTH DROP of the season already which equals his season high of drops in ANY previous season by him.

Love those old Packers unis (as well as the similar Jets throwbacks), nice and dirty and old school. Just wish it was raining so it could be a muddy mess.

why wouldnt he throw to a beast of a te camerom? oh yea he will last 5 minutes of game.glad i just picked up reed.cameron now officially a bust.

Weeden is a poor's man's Vinny Testaverde, ca. 1988.
Better comparison than noodle-arm Pennington.
Sommmmmmmmmebody has Weeden on their roster :cool:
No, I just thought Pennington was an odd comparison. Pretty much the only positive thing you can say about Weeden as a QB is that he has a strong arm.
He's not displaying it in this game. Everything I've seen him throw has been extremely soft with a slow release

Browns defensive coordinator Ray Horton is coaching himself out of head coaching positions next year.

In the last 3 quarters his defense has given up 6 touchdowns.

Total collapse.


Brandon Weeden.

The guy that former CEO Mike Holmgren drafted and when he left he said he left the franchise with a quarterback.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say this is some of the worst Quarterbacking i've seen in a long time. As a Packer fan it's great. As a Cameron and Gordon owner....awful.

Now that we've all bashed him into oblivion, watch Weeden will probably start to make some throws and move the ball, maybe even score.

So I take it Josh Gordon has done nothing?

He is appearing with a score of "--" on ESPN right now

Their was a Green Bay offensive lineman almost in the endzone on that Aarron Rodgers scramble incomplete pass.

Should have been flagged for illegal man downfield.

No real harm but it was pretty obvious.

Just gettin home from the Bills debacle, is Josh Gordon hurt? Just wondering why I scored 50 points total in most leagues this week, thanks.

I AM watching Red Zone but it literally seems like Cleveland haven't even had a go of the ball tonight. I think I remember seeing some guy called Weedon sacked once or twice but that is about it

Fricken Weeden is going to doom Cameron and Gordon. Cameron was steamrolling along as a top 2 TE

Why did my Bills have to injure Hoyer???

Cameron and Gordon have a combined 3.9 points this week. Luckily I benched Cameron for Finley but Finley has shown in the past to be unreliable.


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