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Dark Side of the Moon — find me a better album and I’ll kill you, you liar (1 Viewer)

And I don’t care what anyone says, the whisper will forever be to me:

”If you hear someone whisper, you’re dying”

Which when I first heard it chilled me to the core, and then moments later complete my blew my mind. 

Pretender is right. Pretending like you know what the ef you’re talking about ever in your life, about anything.  

Run, rabbit run. Dig that hole, forget the sun. When at last your work is done?  Don’t sit down, it’s time to dig another one. 

50 years later and is there a more perfect way to describe the modern tragedy?  I can’t think of it. Just amazing stuff. 

It came up just the other day on my shuffle. Was wearing headphones in the office and usually just kind of have music going in the morning to ease into my work, focus on stuff.

Hadn't heard it in quite awhile and just stopped and listened to how badass it is. Has a bit of everything. Genius stuff.

old, married, drunk, late night Otis.

ETA: late night meaning 11pm

pretty soon we'll be hearing about his refurbished vintage turntable and why Birkenstocks are really comfortable.

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It’s flawed reasoning that there is no reason to be frightened of dying because everybody has to go sometime.

Hadn't listened to it in years until a couple weeks ago when it came up in the classic rock thread in here. It's been played in full at least 3-4 times since.

And Brain Damage > Time

Otis obviously scored himself a dime bag this week, started threads about the Doors and Dark Side.

I believe he is also a big GnR fan. I suspect minus the occasional days when he tokes up that he listens to very little music normally and I bet he sees it live at best once a year. Sure, his wife made him get tickets to see Billy Joel at MSG (and I dare you find a guy who puts on a better live show -Otis).

I personally enjoy the strong takes but it is coming from a guy that I suspect is very much a music novice.

Even though I was sober at the time you posted this I would have gladly joined your crusade. Though i can't promise that on the eve of any one particular battle you wouldn't catch me listening to some of the albums named in here.


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