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Demeco Ryans (1 Viewer)

I think today was our answer. Apparently Ryans had a Diles problem as far as fantasy production, not an injury problem. Certainly raises my confidence level in his play for the remainder of the year. Anytime beyond, assuming Diles gets healthy . . . not so much!
It's probably a combination of. His ankle, which is still heavly taped, is limiting him. He had a great matchup with Baltimore, they lead the league in tackle ops allowed. Ryans still may be matchup dependent. Indianapolis is not a favorable one next week, although Ryans was 7-0-0 in week five. He rolled his ankle vs Jacksonville in week four.Was some of Diles production due to Ryans injury? probably. Not to take anything away from Zac, he was playing great, the more ya seen of him the more ya liked. DeMeco was 8-4-0 and 10-3-0 in the two games before he rolled his ankle, Diles was 11-2-0 and 5-3-0. Make no mistake folks... a healthy Ryans will be productive no matter if Diles is playing or not.

I was going to cut bait on DeMeco last week bc he was about 30 points lower than most of the top FA's, but once I saw Diles was out for the year, I kept him

I have a feeling well be seeing more DeMeco-like numbers from here on, as long as the matchup is decent

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In the 1 league I do own Demeco, I had offered a couple of trades where I would have got less than his true value in return. I had just decided it was time to give up on him. The other owners rejected the deals, and I am thanking the stars that they did. :(

Well I just acquired Demeco in a trade. Gave up Ben Jarvis Green Ellis but I have plenty of depth. This is a dynasty league too so I'm excited to have him. So is he back to a must start now? Reading this thread he has some consistency issues but with the injury to Diles he could be back? He had a decent game vs IND earlier in the season?


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