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Do you tip the free shuttle bus driver - Assists with luggage (1 Viewer)

Do you tip the free shuttle bus driver? - Assists with luggage

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Joe Bryant

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I know we talk a lot about the tipping culture in the other thread but this came up recently.

What do you do for tipping the free shuttle bus driver?

I asked here with the specific of the driver "does not touch your luggage or assist in any way."

In this one, let's say the driver does assist you with your luggage:

  • 10-minute free shuttle bus ride from the airport to a nearby hotel.
  • Bus is reasonably clean and comfortable.
  • Driving is fine.
  • Driver assists you with your luggage.
  • Driver personality is neutral. Not overly good or bad.
Accidentally voted probably no when it should have been yes.

I will specify that if they help when it is not wanted … that moves to no, or very reduced.
definitely yes. They are providing you a service that makes your travel more convenient. They generally help load your luggage in the bus as well as unload it. Generally speaking, its also not a job that pays enough to where if nobody tipped that it would be appealing for anyone to do
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I voted probably yes. I voted definitely yes in the other poll. I don't want their help with my luggage so how insistent they are in doing that could impact whether they get a tip in a negative way. That being said, that seems like a repetitive, boring, tedious job but it needs to be done and I greatly appreciate those who do it especially if they do it with a good attitude. So my default posture is I will tip them unless they do something that makes the experience a negative one.
i say no. lga rental car forces me into taking 2 buses and the experience is so mind boggling awful and inefficient, it’s not my responsibility to supplement income. the only other instance i might need a shuttle bus is airport long term parking. but if you are charging me close to $10 a night for my car to sit outdoors in the elements in a lot, i am not inclined to pay anymore.
I voted on the fence because I guess it really depends on how many bags and other factors. If it's a hotel shuttle and there's more than one bag, yeah I'd probably give him a couple bucks. But if it's a rental car shuttle and I didn't really ask for or need the help? Nah.
Probably yes - but I do my best to NOT let them help me with my bags if possible. I generally don't' like help when traveling. Also, I usually don't have small bills to tip, and it takes out the guilt of not tipping the guy.

I will say in most cases where I don't have small bills, but felt the need to tip, people have been very understanding (or at least seemed to) when I at least acknowledge that I would have tipped but don't have any small bills. I'll usually do my best to rectify it if I happen to have the same guy again. On my last trip to Boston, I tipped the valet guy a lot on the back-end simply because he was super nice when I didn't tip him when I parked.
Yep, if you let them assist you with your bags, it's common courtesy to tip. I see no value in that service so I politely decline their help. On occasion, I'll encounter some over eager drivers that almost force themselves on you in hopes of pruning a tip. You gotta be firm with those guys and break out the mace if needed.
Before we go on any type of trip my wife will go to the bank and get a stack of $5 bills for the sole purpose of tipping whoever - bellhop, shuttle driver, valet parking, tour guides, etc. I'll pay the Uber driver on the app and she'll still hang a $5 over the seat as she gets out. She'll tip the shuttle guy even if he never moves out of his driver's seat. So I voted yes bc the majority of the time I've used a shuttle, the driver got a tip out of me/us. But if I'm traveling alone or for business, I decline the luggage assistance and do not tip.

"Assist you with your bags" is one of those things that screams "I'm doing the bare minimum so you'll tip me" - it's lifting a suitcase into and out of a trunk/compartment. I picked up an item for you =/= tip IMO.
If they mess with the luggage, I tip.
Just for dropping me off, no.

Extending the conversation--I actually tip the Uber/Lyft drivers better when they help with the luggage. I tip the same as if I don't have luggage if they don't help me with it. But the guys that help with it get a pretty sweet tip out of the deal.

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