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Football guys podcast has Paul Charchian talking about a few exotic league ideas. One where you steal a player if you win, another where you eliminate the worst team and all his players become free agents. And another where you have werewolves that can infect other werewolves and share the prize if any wearwolf wins with a healer as well. One I liked was the "vampire" league. Vamp league a player starts as the vampire who has zero draft picks and all free agents but every time they win they can steal a player.

here are a few more ideas

Losers revenge league:

the loser in the division by wins and then tiebreaker points get to eliminate an "unprotected player" from any team in the division or even protected players outside of their division. This loser's revenge event occurs every 3 games

F---,Marry,Kill league...

the winner of their games can choose 1 of 3 options.

Some ideas for what each word could mean

kill- you can terminate a player completely from ever being added to another team again (or for some time period if that's what you decide). Alternatively "kill" can mean terminating a team's ability to add/drop for a certain number of weeks or to kill there chances for next week game by giving them negative 50 points.

F----. I like the idea of giving someone a player on your team and forcing them to start them for the next 3 weeks as the F---- option. However, players on bye weeks and inactive lists don't count. So you have to hold a roster spot and compete for other teams over that "bust" of a player decide who you want to use this option on.

marry- my initial thought was combining the two points the following week and averaging the totals for each team. But the team you marry has a "divorce option". Since the teams you "marry" may be loaded and you may not be, the team you beat may not want the average of the two points... A divorce option costs each team involved half of the waiver wire dollars for "legal fees" and the team that initated the marriage loses custody of their "children". There may be certain rules to determine who they lose custody of or they might just have to pick one of the non kicker non defense starters the week prior to the divorce. Losing custody means they drop waive a player.

I think the option I like better for either F--- or marry is to "reproduce" a player for 3 weeks where you for instance beat a team with Antonio Brown you can pick the "marry" or "clone" option on the team and now the league has 2 Antonio Browns for 3 weeks. The catch is if the team you beat doesn't fee the same way and decides to put the original  "cloned" player on the bench you not only have to bench him also but you take a zero at that position. Divorces are costly.

Another "reproduce" option could be to add to the roster limit and give you another bench spot if you choose. I would limit the F,Marry,Kill game to 3 choices decided ahead of time but I'm just brainstorming different ideas for what to decide each option is. 

Settlers of Katan league. The board game Settlers of katan involves farming resources, trading resources and exchanging resources to build. The way this league would work is each position group gets resources if they defeat the opponent's position group of the same kind. You can also "wager" resources and if you win the total points you double the resources that you wagered and if you lose you lose all of the wagered resources... if you cannot find a trading partner for resources, you can always trade 4 of any resource for any other resource. I haven't decided what the build options are and what the ramifications are... some ideas could perhaps be boosting your roster or features of your team in some way such as converting either a RB or WR into a flex, adding plus 5 weekly points every single week, or adding to your bench spots or maybe a free jump to the front of the line waiver claim. Perhaps you can build to double the production of resources in a given week.

Monopoly League.... This idea will have to be pretty far outside of the box but somehow you can exchange your weekly points for the equivalent of NFL property which will be a particular team in the NFL. Property adds one point "rent" each time a player plays someone from that team... and when you get property on all 4 teams of an NFL division you get two points every time a player is played in that division. Then you can build houses but you have to acquire 3 players from the same team within that division and give up 20 points per house and 50 per hotel, but the rent you get in exchange every single week someone uses a player from that division is so enormous that it can "bankrupt" teams. Teams go "bankrupt" when they score in the negative points in a given week and they can either make a deal with you of NFL property in exchange for avoiding bankruptcy and league elimination, or they can go bankrupt and all the property goes into auction where all past points can be spent in exchange. The team with the most "points" at the end wins but you will have to spend a lot of points and possibly even mortgage property eliminating rent to get ahold of property and try to get a monopoly.

Probably some details need to be ironed out in monopoly league but it seems like really awesome.

Warren Buffett league each game you play you can use the points in excess of what you earned over your opponent to buy "stock" in players. For instance, you beat a team with David Johnson by 10 points. 140 to 130. You can buy a stock equal to 10/130 of the players future points or about 7.5%. When you have stock you earn that percentage share of the players total points in a given week but only if that player is in the active lineup... but you can also opt to sell stock to other players in exchange for excess points that can be distributed however you choose but they have to be used before the Thursday game if you want to use them that week. Since the more you win by the greater share of stock you own there is a balancing of strategy over how to use your capital and whether or not to trade it for more stock or use the points hoping to cash out on a big win and greater claim of stock in key players.

near playoff time teams may get creative and intentionally bench really good players if they need teams with lots of shares of that player to lose to get into the playoffs.

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