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Game Thread W14 - Philadelphia V NY Giants (1 Viewer)

Giants go for it on 4th and 4. All out blitz by Eagles, tips the ball. Turnover on downs :towelwave:

Curtis was wide open there on 3rd down and McNabb was looking right at him. Not sure why he didn't throw it.

McNabb could have run for that first down. What is that dude thinking sometimes?
I count two potential first downs so far where McNabb could have used his legs but refused. Did Andy Reid beat into his head "don't scramble, always look for the open receiver two yards down the field", or is McNabb afraid to get hurt, or both? McNabb has refused to run the past two years and it's killing this team. Giants pass rush is fierce today (as always), if McNabb doesn't use his legs, we have ZERO shot at winning this game. ZERO.
Nice catch there by Curtis. That safety could have killed him, good thing he went for a swat..

a reverse on 3rd and 6, after we already did a reverse and lost yardage. For ####s sake.

Akers just hit a 51 yarder :excited: That's his longest in 2 years at least.

They are saying AR called timeout, wind swirling but more "at the back" going that direction. Wanted Akers to kick that way. Giants go that direction in the 4th - could be huge.

Big drop by Hixon. That was 6.

:shrug: Dominik Hixon just dropped a 50 yard reception, prob could have gone the distance too.
Penalties are a killer, sure, and the Giants have dropped some passes, but I'll give some credit here. Eagles D is making some plays (4th down stop, blocked FG, etc) and are holding the Giants scoreless for the first 20+ minutes of the game.

Trent Cole is a gangsta! He's running wild out there!!

How was that not a pass interference there by the Giants?

WOW. McNabb hangs in the pocket all day on a big third and 9, LJ makes a "franchise" worthy move for one of the first times this year. Nice conversion all the way around. 3 straight first downs.

Nice if the Eagles get some points here, run the clock down, then get the ball first in the second half. D will be VERY rested.

Brian Westbrook ladies and gentlemen.

10-0 Eagles.

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WESTBROOK. Only a matter of time.

Curtis in locker room - possible concussion from the looks of it. Unconfirmed injury.

That Hixon drop is going to haunt me until next year. Eli's having a slow day, but if Hixon makes that catch, his numbers don't look so poor.

Eagles D is looking great. They are hitting HARD. You can tell they want this game.

BIG 4th down D. Samual laid a lick on Smith. Probably should have caught it, but the Giants look very off today. Eagles with a chance to tack on some here before the half. And then get the rock in the 3rd quarter.

And now Pierce for interference! 2 horrible penalties. Gets Eagles in FG range - hopefully. That wind is swirling HARD.


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