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Houston at Indianapolis (1 Viewer)

Grif Whalen. Sheesh. Watt wasn't in when I tuned in. Did he get hurt on the first play?
Saw him hurry off the field, not sure if it was just a substitution or what.

Edit to add: Rewound it back, he was back in on the TD pass.

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Is it me or did the refs blow that call? If there is holding before a kick, I don't recall ever seeing a team get the option to move the ball from the end of the play.

Pereria hasn't answered my tweet to him, but I'm right.

9-5-1 If there is a foul from the time of the snap until a legal scrimmage ends, enforcement is from the previous spot...

There are exceptions for the receiving team committing a foul, but not for the kicking team.

I believe that's the first time Indy has gotten any pressure today. Had a lot of time to get rid of the ball today.

Can't wait to get Arian back next year. Tate has never been great at ball security. Has twice the fumble rate that Foster does.

Not only a 58 yard punt by Lechler, but with enough hang time the returner had to call for a fair catch. Love having him on the team.

Fleener----the legend continues. He matched Garrett Graham today for productivity, or is it Graham Garrett?


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