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How much credit should (1 Viewer)

How much credit should Mangini get for the Patriots great D performance?

  • A lot -- He's the DC and Belichick focuses more on the offense now that Weis is gone

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  • A little -- This is mostly Belichick's D, but Mangini does deserve some credit

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  • None -- A DC under Belichick never does much, and the Pats D took a step backwards from years past a

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I voted a lot, but I don't agree with the second part. Mangini has tweaked the D in several key areas, including the way the secondary reacts in non-rushing situations. It was very apparent in yesterday's game in relation to years past.

Two big football fans and I were discussing this last night, and they basically said:1) The Pats were awesome before Mangini, and he hasn't made them any better2) Anything done on Belichick ultimately goes back to Mangini.I tend to give Mangini a lot more credit than them, as they gave him zero credit. Curious to hear what some Pats homers have to say.


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