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I think RG3 could win a Super Bowl. (1 Viewer)

nice limb you're going out on here.

The Skins were 10-6 last year with a slightly below average defense and a slew of key injuries.

the team is actually my bet to win the division. from there, it wouldn't be too surprising to see them in the Super Bowl this year.

Sure he could win a super bowl. I mean, I assume most people think he could at least be as good as Trent Dilfer, and he won a super bowl.

And I am more of an enchalada person

Fun fact: in games where Pierre Garçon played, Griffin averaged 9.4 yards per attempt, had 14 TDs vs. 2 INTs, and had a QB rating of 116.4. The YPA figure would have been the third best total of the last 40 years. The QB rating and TD:INT ratio would both be the 4th best of all time.


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