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Javon Walker to the 49ers... (1 Viewer)

"Brought to you by the pranksters of 49erswebzone.com and 49ersparadise.com. April Fools! "

Wide receiver Rashaun Woods reportedly twisted a finger and may not be able to participate in team practices for up to three months. Team doctors said that the injury occurred while playing video games with teammate Mike Rumph. “I think he is faking it. I was beating him so bad. He just wanted to blame the injury,” says Rumph.
Another fake article on the 49ers acquiring Walker:

Updated: March 31, 2006, 8:38 PM ET

Sources: 49ers, Walker close to deal

By Len Pasquarelli


The San Francisco 49ers appear only days away from addressing a longtime priority, acquiring a veteran wide receiver to complement the skills of emerging star Antonio Bryant, and of adding another proven target for second year quarterback Alex Smith.

Sources confirmed that the 49ers have reached an agreement in principle with Green Bay Packer wide receiver Javon Walker on a four-year contract believed to be worth $17 million. The agreement is said to include a $5 million signing bonus.

Before the 49ers acquire Walker, however, they must first strike a deal with Packers officials. Green Bay is said to be seeking a third-round choice in exchange for Walker, who has insisted he wants out. San Francisco is believed to have offered a forth-round choice in the 2006 draft as compensation for the 4-year veteran.

Walker, 27, is scheduled to arrive in Santa Clara on Monday to visit with 49ers coaches and officials. No deal will be consummated before that visit. Earlier in the free agency period, the 49ers ardently courted David Givens of New England, but the Houston native signed with the Tennessee Titans.

There were some other suitors for Walker, who last week called Packers management to notify it that he would not return to Green Bay and he wanted to be traded, but Green Bay, however, is determined to stand firm. It insists it is not going to be bullied and it will trade Walker only if the price is right. And many of the franchises cited as having interest in Walker, notably the Philadelphia Eagles and the Denver Broncos, never got involved in substantive discussions.

The addition of Walker would provide Smith the most accomplished No. 2 receiver he has ever had, and would alleviate some of the pressure on Bryant, the team's best playmaker. San Francisco is expected to make Maryland tight end Vernon Davis their top selection in next month's draft, and his presence as a threat out of the tight end position should also aid the passing game.

if you want to read more detail about the deal go to:


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