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LJ's hand signal after a TD (1 Viewer)


I was listening to the NFL on Sirius yesterday and they had Larry on. They asked him what the hand signal meant. He is the spokesperson for a clothing line that Jay-Z created. That hand signal is for the clothing line. That is exactly what came out of his mouth. I like the kid but that is pretty gay!

i agree with the rest of you...that is pretty gay. but didn't jay-z get sued by that wrestler for stealing the hand motion?

That is the symbol Jay-Z uses for his slang for the Dynasty and "The Roc " ... short for his clothing line ...Rocafella.If they pay LJ for everytime he throws up the Roc after he scores a TD, it might have been a good advertising move in 2006.

To tie everything into a neat little package:

Diamond Dallas Page is suing Jay-Z for stealing his trademark hand gesture. I wonder if LJ will face further court dramas as an unknowing accomplice:


Also, because :useless:





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