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Matt Cassel - Status Unknown - Late Game (1 Viewer)

Sounds like he's playing, per Adam Schefter:

There’s something about quarterbacks losing their fathers and then playing the Raiders.

Brett Favre did it back in December 2003. Favre threw for 399 yards and four touchdowns during Green Bay’s 41-7 victory over the Raiders, one day after his father Irv died.

Now Patriots quarterback Matt Cassel, who lost his father Greg on Monday, is preparing to do the same. The Patriots play in Oakland and there were questions this week about whether Cassel would be able to play, just as there once were questions about whether Favre would play.

Cassel can only hope the Raiders provide the same type of healing they once did for Favre.


Obviously family comes first and the playoff importance is secondary, but I'd be surprised if Cassel doesn't play considering he already came back to practice.


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