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Matt Forte - Questionable - MNF (1 Viewer)

"Forte (toe) practiced again on Saturday, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

Spin: He should be fine to start on Monday night, but check back for the official word prior to kickoff if you're looking to ensure that you don't receive a health-related bagel. Game-time temperatures are expected to be around 10 degrees, so it should be a very ground-heavy attack from both teams on Monday night."

Packers: QB Brian Brohm (3rd), RB Brandon Jackson, FB Korey Hall, LB Danny Lansanah, T Kevin McCaskill, T Breno Giacomini, DT Anthony Torbio, DT Justin Harrell.

Analysis: RB DeShawn Wynn will see carries behind RB Ryan Grant with Jackson out. CBs Charles Woodson and Al Harris are active and will start, as expected.

Bears: QB Caleb Hanie (3rd), WR Devin Aromashodu, FB Jason McKie, LB Gilbert Gardner, G Terrence Metcalf, DT Matt Toeaina, WR Brandon Rideau, DE Ervin Baldwin.

Analysis: RB Matt Forte is active and will start, as expected. He’s safe to use in fantasy leagues. WR Marty Booker is also active.


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