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Kool-Aid Larry

there may be some of us out there who might've drafted bush, sjax, lacy, or whoever, that have maybe reached bottom, recognize they have a problem, and need to make a change in their lives

some people might not be proud of starting willis mcgahee on sunday, so we won't use names here.

in the interest of anonymity I am changing my team name, and would like to know if anyone plans to do the same, or has any suggestions I can use.

right now I'm rolling with

once, twice, three times mcgahee

Havent reached that point yet fortunately although I am one RB removed from being at that point. Starting Ryan Mathews if Bush Doesnt go and leaving McGahee on the Bench until something concrete unfolds there. Good luck to folks who are there though.

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Have Ridley and Wilson as my backs in a 16 team league so yeah I pretty much tripped over myself reaching for the phone to pick up Willis.

Outside of ADP, I have a craptastic string of Miller, Mendenhall, and Law Firm in one of my 12 team leagues. I couldn't hit the acquire button fast enough. Going to be a long season of mediocre RB production on my squad outside of AP. Welcome to the whatchutalkinbouts!



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