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More value r.o.y. Trent or Le'Veon? (1 Viewer)

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Which do you think is a better back to own in a re-draft for the rest of the season? Standard league.I have Trent and have a chance to move him for Le'Veon. I like the way Bell looked last week but he still only ran for 60ish yds and that Steeler line does not look good. Just wondering who you guys would rather own going forward.

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Trent, but not by much... Bell is the horse in Pitt - If he stays healthy he will touch the ball 25 plus a game and rarely leave the field.

Yeah,I keep getting sucked in to Trent. Just seems that even if he doesn't shine there he will still have a ton of scoring opportunities. Bell's foot worries me a little bit too. Tough call! Thank you guys for your input!

This is a tough question, as both are a rarity in today's NFL - 3-down workhorses (Presuming Bradshaw is out). I would likely lean Trent, simply because I think INDY is a better team and will be slightly more committed to the run than the Steelers.

Thanks Double G. You really think Indy will be more committed to the run than Pittsburgh? My concern is mainly Steelers line and Bell's foot being a recurring problem.

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I'd say Trent. Better OL and with the reports about Bradshaw's neck, it doesn't sound like Trent will be having to worry about splitting carries.

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