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[NFL Draft] - Ernie Sims {Florida State} (1 Viewer)


Ernie Sims 5-11, 220 Florida State

I have seen some film if this guy and I 'think' I really like him. Anybody have anything they want to share about this guy?


Very highly recruited as RB and LB coming out of high school in Tallahassee. Some services had him as nation's #1 HS recruit. Both parents were varsity athletes at FSU.

Left FSU after his JR year. Good physical guy - speed and quickness. As expected, tested well at the Combine - 4.46 40-yd, 25 bench reps, 41" vertical (2nd among LBs), 10'5" broad jump. Typical undersized (has gained weight leading up to Indy), fast FSU LB. Plays very aggressively, likes contact. Missed offseason practice time with concussion and ankle injuries. Coaches had to reign him in for practices for throwing his body around. Can get good depth in pass coverage and has decent hands for a LB. Made a few diving INTs, including one on Labor Day during FSU's win against Miami. Has decent instincts.

I think his numbers were down his JR year but FSU LB coach Kevin Steele said that he graded out very well in each game and that declining numbers a function of teams gameplanning around him.

Take all this FWIW. I'm not a coach or anything.

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I had him projected to Seattle at #31, but some folks correctly pointed out that their need at LB is on the other side.

I see him as a late-first, early second rounder.

He also loves animals, including snakes. Chad Brown, anyone?

Ill keep beating the drum - Sims looks like a prototype chase WLB in a cover 2. I have to think the Vikes will take a long look at him at 17.

I'm hoping he falls to the Giants in Round 1. We need an impact player on the weakside and IMHO Simms is starting grade material now. I tend to agree his best fit is in a cover 2 but with his athleticism I hardly see him struggling to make plays in the Giants base D.


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