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Non starting qb's (1 Viewer)

Islanders rule

The two qb's that are probably on many waiver wires that I think could be huge are Lienart & Young. Warner wanted to retire a week ago and Vince Young has emotional problems even more serious.

I,m thinking of picking up Lienart for several reasons.

1. Warner will quit or get hurt at some point and ask his wife if he can make a decission.

2. Cards have a great receiving corp.

3. Cards should be in the playoff hunt.

Young has bigger mental problems than physical. If Fisher let's Young come back he could be a decent ff qb as well.

Both of these guys seem probable to see playing time in my opinion.

Anyone else ?

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Both guys would be little more than a bye week filler with starting jobs. They've both had multiple chances & both failed to even come close to QB1 numbers.

There has to be better options on your waiver wire that already haver starting a job. Even J Russell or Pennington would be just as good as either Leinart or Young. Quinn is also probably a better option, and is more likely to get a shot that either of those guys.

Unless you are in a 2QB league & very desperate, stay away from Young/Leinart.


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