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Going from memory here.QB - Hasselbeck, Brady, Holcombe. ($15)Just hoping one of these guys can put up good numbers each week.RB - Zero, George, Dunn, Hearst. ($72)Since most of the studs cost almost as much as my four combined, I'm going on the assumption that at least two of these guys will rack up good points each week.WR - K. Robinson, R. Smith, D. Driver, Galloway, Boerighter, J. Reed. ($88)With the point for rec and starting 3 each week, I made this the focal point of my team. 4 WR#1's and 2 guys who may bust out.TE - Pollard, Crumpler. ($6) Steady average producers.PK - J. Brown, J. Reed. ($6)They are both kicking for high powered offenses and should give me some decent scoring.DEF - Tampa, Baltimore. ($14)Should get good points here each week as well.As far as byes go, I never have more than one person at each position off in any one week. That's why I didn't take Toomer at WR. He and K-Rob are both off on week 4.

First things first:I wanted a stud RB (RW), a pair of good/great WRs with upside (Holt, Chad Johnson) and QBs at value who should throw a bunch this year,BUTThe key to my team is bye weeks...I tried to concentrate the bye weeks into the first half of the year (much better odds of advancing with a low score early...) and then to spread them evenly, this is what I ended up with after 25 or so tweakings!!!Trent Green - $10Kerry Collins - $4Jon Kitna - $3Ricky Williams - $68Kevan Barlow - $15Onterrio Smith - $6Najeh Davenport - $2Torry Holt - $32Chad Johnson - $26Reggie Wayne - $7Andre Johnson - $5Antonio Bryant - $3Javon Walker - $2Billy Miller - $3Chad Lewis - $2Martin Gramatica - $4Ryan Longwell - $3Dallas - $3New York Giants - $2TOTAL - $20013 of 19 bye weeks are burned in weeks 3-6 with over 70% of total salary taking byes in weeks 3-6 and just one player each taking byes in weeks 9 and 10 (Green and Barlow, respectively).The largest number of byes used in any one week is 4 (week 4).If you check the survivor breakdown you'll see that in weeks 7-10 the cutoff gets severe!You won't find my team with a bunch of studs on the bench late in the year.Of course I'll probably get bounced in week 2 soooo...

QB Maddox $5 / Bye 7QB Bledsoe 5 / 9QB Brady 5 / 1015.00 for QB's. No shocker here. RB Portis 62 / 10RB Canidate 21 / 8RB O Smith 6 / 6RB Staley 5 / 394.00 here, love Portis this year and built my team around him. WR Burress 31 / 7WR Driver 22 / 8WR Morton 6 / 9WR Kev Johnson 4 / 9WR Bates 2 / 6WR Wayne 7 / 772.00 - Again, built the team off Portis and tried to fill in the spots with quality. TE Miller, Billy 3 / 5TE Pollard 3 / 76.00 - Haven't drafted a TE in about 7 years. None of my 3 leagues have required one for eons. K Gramatica 4 / 4K Mare 3 / 4 :wall: 7.00 - Dammit. The dreaded same bye week for kickers mess. Embarrassing. D St Louis 3 / 5D Cincy 2 / 65.00 - I thought longer about my kickers and look where that got me....

Probably not. That would reveal approximately how many subscribers they have, which is info they don't share with the general public.
But it does affect how the contest plays out in the first week(s).I mean, if there were only 1500 entries, we will all have a bye for the first few weeks.Of course, it would be a poor reflection on the site/contest/whatever.I just want to see the teams, including mine.
I guess after week 1 if there are less than 8,000 teams still alive then we'll know that's how many total entries there are in the contest. Otherwise, I think the best we'll get as to the total will be "it was more than 8,000". ;)

QB - Warner, Hasselbeck, HolcombAll capable of putting up huge #'s in any given weekRB - W. Green, Canidate, O. Smith, D. StaleyNo Studs (although I believe W. Green will put up Top 10 #'s). If I make it by the early rounds, all 4 may be starting by week #4.WR - C. Johnson, I. Bruce, D. Jackson, J. Morton, R. Ferguson, Kevin JohnsonI see these guys as undervalued and capable of putting up big #'s in any given week. Based on the scoring (3 starting WR's), I believe this position to be the most important to post big #'s consistently. TE - Crumpler, M. RicksDEF - Oakland, St. Louis.I'm heavy on Cleveland and Seattle players as I believe that these two teams are the Buffalo of last year. :D

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Seems like alot of folks are counting on O. Smith keeping that RB job in MIN after M Bennett returns from his injury. I spent my 6.0 on Bennett, the MIN starter the second half of the year. Anyone else go with Bennett?
Even if I thought Bennett was coming back, I wouldn't be willing to take a guaranteed zero from one of my 4 RBs for at least 8 weeks. You probably wont' survive to see him come back (not that he's going to :ph34r: )
HOW TO TURN $7 INTO $40BostonFred caught on to this, I wonder who else did....With a Survivor style setup the combo of A Bryant and J Galloway is a cheap and effective solution for maximizing value.
I turned $7 into $40 and I couldn't be happier!! It has changed my life! Thanks BFred, and thanks to the Combo WR System!JK - this appears to be a good strategy and I love my WRs because of it. My Holt/Horn combo with the Bryant/Galloway pairing should be week in and week out top producers at the position. Throw Patten's occasional big game and Morton's upside as he returns to the X spot and my WR rotation is both economical ($86, I believe) and productive. They should almost always outscore the throw 'em at the wall, bargain basement approach that others used - remember, we must start 3 WRs each week and we get a pt/rec., so the WR spot was erroneously overlooked by a lot of players. Yet, I did not lose any ground at RB as I have a stud in Sean Alexander combined with a RB2BC approach of Dunn/Hearst and OSmith.
Hey all,

I tried my hand at analyzing this and seeing what falls out as far as strategy for picking goes. To wit, this is what everyone was bidding into based on points earned (by ranking of players) based on the final stats of the 2002 season:


Edit: The image tag doesn't seem to work correctly, here is the direct link.

Looking at this, you can see what positions you are going to pay through the nose for and which are "bargains". Not surprisingly you see that RBs and WRs are the ones you will pay the most point production/dollar spent. Which really means that you can afford to skimp a bit on some of the others to buy points at those critical positions. Of course there is the complicating factor of bye weeks and the selection of the "best" guys at each position each week to factor into an already extremely complicated give and take chart above. And before some blockhead says something about projections from this year have no chance of being perfect and following the chart above - yes I know that. ;) The chart above simply provides a baseline for bidding into.

My personal philosophy was not to buy at the top - at the premiums you are being charged, there is no point in buying something which only has a chance of costing you more in the way of pt./$ than getting a bargain. Too little dollars have to go too far to justify buying any of the top guys at any position. This is tempered by the need for reasonbly highly ranked (and hopefully producing) players who will anchor each position. I did a rough calculation (based on 2002 season) and using some guestimates as to how often players would have a game good enough to be a "starting" player what the percentages would be between each position. I figured that given an "average" team each position over the course of the season would generate the following percentages of points:

QB: 16%

RB: 21%

WR: 32%

TE: 11%

K: 10%

D: 10%

Given those numbers and the chart above I figured to spend a decent bit of money above those percentages for RB and WR production and less than that for the rest. Given those, the need to spread bye weeks (I didn't try and bunch them early, just spread them out - interesting to see which strategy is more effective), and my wish for at least some higher quality starters in each position, here is what I ended up with:


Brooks (16)

Blesoe (5)

Stewart (3)

Stewart is probably a mistake, but there is a possible advantage in going with a guy not everyone has picked (like Holcombe).


A. Green (49)

A. Thomas (9)

G. Hearst (6)

O. Smith (6)

As far as the "high priced" RBs go, I like Green's value. The rest are the position I skimped in hopes that someone would step into that RB2 role. You need to take risks to win here, as there are a ton of other players around, and this is my big risk.


Holt (32)

Driver (22)

D. Jax (17)

J. Reed (7)

Boerigter (3)

A. Bryant (3)

I liked the value of all the top three I chose. The other three all have legitimate shots to have big swings up and down throughout the year, perfect for a format like this.


Pollard (3)

Crumpler (3)

Given the high pt/$ value of TEs, particularly those that don't cost a whole lot, I feel this is the biggest spot to avoid the Gonzalez and Heap type players - you simply will not maximize your point production that way. Both Pollard and Crumpler should catch lots of balls and give me great return on my $ spent.


Carney (4)

Wilkins (4)

As I wrote in an article last year, FG production from kickers on a year to year basis is essentially random. What you *can* count on is picking kickers from teams with high point production to produce extra points. Therefore I picked kickers from teams with expected high TD totals. I expect both the Saints and Rams to be way up there in the rankings of NFL offense.


Tennessee (4)

New Orleans (4)

I went with two different tacks on defense. Since there is no penalty for points against, it doesn't matter if the defense lets in 50 points a game, as long as they are opportunistic. I picked one (Tennessee) that should be a strong defense this year and gave good sack numbers. I picked New Orleans because of one main reason: BEER MAN. Michael Lewis is undoubtedly the best return guy in the leauge (that return he had in the preseason that was erroneously called back was astounding) and I wanted a guy like that as a wildcard. Doesn't hurt that NO went for speed on defense this year, which likely means a lot of mistakes, but hopefully a lot of takeaways.

We'll see how it pans out. I gave it my best shot!


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I'm normally a pretty quiet guy, but I'll chime in here... I went with trying to minimize bye week problems, looking for sleeper values, and spreading the risk. I ended up with a lot of the same choices everyone else made:QB ($27): P. Manning (7/$17)D. Bledsoe (9/$5)T. Brady (10/$5)The combo of Brady and Bledsoe offers huge upside at only $10 total!RB ($94):J. Lewis (5/$46)S. Davis (3/$35)M. Alstott (4/$7)O. Smith (6/$6)Like many others, the hope of getting Minnesota's starter for $6 led me to SmithWR ($57):Q. Morgan (9/$20)J. Porter (8/$19)R. Wayne (7/$7)A. Johnson (5/$5)R. Ferguson (8/$4)R. Caldwell (6/$2)Caldwell and Ferguson may be steals at only $6 total!TE ($6):B. Franks (8/$4)A. Becht (5/$2)Pretty good chances for only $6...PK ($8) :D . Akers (3/$5)R. Lindell (9/$3)A little pricey for kickers, but solid producersDEF ($8):Baltimore (5/$5)Indianapolis (7/$3)Good defenses -- maybe a couple dollars over what I shoulda spent, but, two defensive-oriented coaches make these worth it IMO...

I live in one of the states that cannot receive any prize so at first I didn't really think about this until the deadline approached and the competitve juices started flowing. 
:o Well that just sucks.. :hot: :rant: :hot: I live in one of those states too and didn't even notice I was excluded until I read this post. I wonder what laws these states have that make the residents ineligible. I guess it'll just have to be the thrill of playing for me then.My ineligible lineup:QB$14 - Bret Farve $11 - Steve McNair$4 - Jay FiedlerI liked Farve's value at $14 and then decided to grab a couple of guys who both run and pass and were cheap.RB$49 - Tiki Barber$5 - Duce Staley$6 - Garrison Hearst$6 - Onterrio SmithI like Tiki as my number one guy. I would expect decent numbers out of at least one of the other three on a weekly basis and their pricetags were ideal.WR$24 - Amani Toomer$24 - Jerry Rice$22 - Issac Bruce$4 - Santana Moss$4 - Kevin Johnson$3 - Ed McCaffreyThree solid WRs at a decent price. I thought KJ and Easy Ed were bargains at $7 total. Moss may be a reach, but he fit the price tag and I liked the potential.TE$2 - Chad Lewis$4 - Bubba FranksI didn't want to waste alot of cash at this position. I grabbed Franks because he'll catch an occasional TD. He won't be the reason I finish the season in first place, but prizeless. ;)PK & DEF$3 - Morten Andersen$3 - Ryan Longwell$9 - Tampa Bay$3 - InianapolisNothing to add here except that I decided to grab kickers from (traditionally) high scoring teams and to splurge on Tampa.*edited for spelling, grammar and the like...
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:o Well that just sucks.. :hot: :rant: :hot: I live in one of those states too and didn't even notice I was excluded until I read this post. I wonder what laws these states have that make the residents ineligible. I guess it'll just have to be the thrill of playing for me then.
I seem to remember Joe saying that maybe your cousin in a good state helped you co-manage the roster, right? wink, wink
Well, I might as well throw my hat in the ring, as well. Although, after reviewing others rosters I'm not as confident as I originally was. That said, I think the determining factor in this contest is significant injuries to any stud players. Obviously detrimental to any team, in this format where major $$ are wagered it could be the death knell. Anyway here's my squad

Pos - Player - Price - BYE


Brady - $5 -10

Hasselbeck - $8 - 4

T. Green - $10 - 9

None of these guys are going to get me big rushing stats, but they should be consistent in throwing the ball and capable of putting up big weeks fairly often.


Tiki Barber - $49 - 4

S. Davis $35 - 3

W. Dunn - $16 - 8

D. Staley - $5 - 3

I wanted to get a couple reliable guys for the money and Davis will be pounding the ball for the most part and is a good goalline back (pre-season notwithstanding) Dunn and Staley both catch a tonne of balls and should post decent yardage numbers.


A. Lelie - $14 - 10

J Porter - $19 - 8

W. Chrebet - $9 - 5

I. Hilliard - $8 - 4

Derrius Thompson - $3 - 4

P. Warrick - $3 - 6

No "studs," and that could be my downfall. I think Porter could be very good value and Lelie will get as many or more looks than McCaffrey. Chrebet will probably be Vinny's safety blanket, Hilliard's looked good and is a solid possession WR, Thompson, I'll admit I bought into the pre-season and training camp hype, but I think he'll be great value at $3. I also think Warrick will come into his own this year, I'm not saying Pro-Bowl, but I think he'll be OK and for $3, I took the "risk".


M. Pollard - $3 - 7

B. Miller - $3 - 5

Very popular picks. Not BIG 3, but will catch a fair amount of balls and will be targeted in the Red Zone.


O. Mare - $3 - 4

J. Hall - $3 - 8

Mare is consistent and reliable and Hall is on an offence that should be able to get yardage to put him in FG range.


Buffalo - $2 - 9

NYG - $ 2 - 4

Not much to say here. They're cheap and don't have horrible returners. I'm not expecting a winfall from my D, but if they hold their own, I may be OK. I'm a little worried about a couple of BYE weeks, but I liked how this team looked.....at least before I saw everyone elses! :o

Why not.QB Culpepper (6/$22)Hasselbeck (4/$8)Stewart (3/$3)Pepper will have his huge weeks as will Hasselbeck. Stewart should have a few high weeks (with plenty of lows too which are meaningless.)RBLewis (5/$46)Dillon (6/$45)K. Faulk (10/$5)E. Smith (7/$7)Really like Lewis and Dillion for career years. Kevin Faulk should have some nice games in the RBBC and Emmitt has something left I think.WRDriver (8/$22)Lelie (10/#14)Kennison (9/$3)D. Thompson (4/$3)S. Smith (3/$2)Jurevicius (4/$2)Some risks. I like Driver this year and could be one of the best when all is said and done. He's a solid #1 IMHO. Lelie is my #2 but I'm really figuring him as my #3 for which I think he will be better than solid. My other four guys are all capable of big games here and there with some goose eggs too. I'm believing that every week one of them shows up with solid #2 WR numbers.TECrumpler (8/$3)Graham (10/$2)Cheap but with nice upside.KBrown (4/$3)Edinger (3/$2)The hat works pretty well I'm guessing.DefBaltimore (5/$5)Chicago (3/$3)Gotta love Baltimore's D this year. I think Chicago's D will rebound too.

Can't really remember who else I took, hopefully that will change soon.HasselbeckPortisZeroueGaryBurress PorterMcMichaelAll I can remember right now.

QB Warner, Plummer, Bledsoe RB Portis, Dunn, A Smith, O Smith WR Burress, Chrebet, Wayne, Rogers, Galloway, Bryant TE Crumpler/MillerK Carney/BrownD Baltimore/New EnglandI wanted big points from my QBs, because they are the highest scoring single position in this format. Warner's schedule down the stretch is worth the cost, even though Manning cost just $1 more. I wanted one stud RB and many quality backups who could piece together RB 2 scoring and also fill in for Portis' bye week. I don't like Portis' late bye (week 9), but I actually think Portis will be on a lot of the teams that make it to the late weeks simply because he has such a late bye, which will help his owners survive longer.I wanted one WR who could start every week (Burress), one pair of cheap talented receivers from the same team (Ferguson/Walker were considered, too) and three WRs who could be swapped in any given week when they blow up.I feel that TEs are broken into three tiers: the overpriced studs, the guys who could be good, and everyone else. I grabbed the cheapest pair from tier two, which worked out well since I feel that Crumpler and Miller are actually two of the better bets at TE this year.I looked for kickers on high scoring teams and/or playing in domes/warm weather down the stretch. I looked for Ds that were medium priced and had a quality front 7 to get sacks and fumble recoveries, and hopefully force INTs. I don't care much about matchups for the most part because this scoring system doesn't count yards or points scored. What about the rest of you?
This team would be surprisingly solid in 07
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