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Official 2022-2023 Post Season FBG Subscriber Contest (1 Viewer)

Paint by numbers is a good analogy for how to set a lineup in this contest barring taking a shot at Seattle or Jax getting to the Super Bowl. Would have been more interesting if the outcomes weren’t so close to chalk.
Agreed. I wonder if it would've been possible to win the whole thing and not have any SB players? The closest finished 2213rd with 718 points, so I seriously doubt it.
I forgot about checking in on this! Is there a way to see the final results still (contest link seems broken). I had 6 alive going into the SB, but a pretty weak first couple of rounds.
Just bumping this in preparation for this year's contest. Based on last year's contest opening date, we can expect this year's contest to open around 8 Jan. I can't wait!
Yes, no promises but we'll hope to have it live by Tuesday. Outside shot it could be soft-launched in this thread by Monday, but again, no promises.

It will be the same format as last year, but with some subtle scoring system changes to make QBs a little less valuable and everyone else a little more.
I mean I think I put Njoku in but man I knew Houston's defense was the play here with the new scoring. I picked 'em up in my league during the regular season

Hey guys.... I set my lineup several days ago and left it.

Now I can't see my status anymore. I'm hoping it's just because no results are published yet. I can't even find a link to look at my choices.


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