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Official Jets Head Coach Speculation Here (1 Viewer)

Who Will the Jets Hire?

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I needed a place where everything is in one place. I am a jaded Jets fan looking for some solace in the next few weeks with the hiring of a good, experienced HC. I am sick of the Jets being a laboratory for first time head coaches. I halfheartedly said "Mangini out, Cowher in" a week or so back, and now it could be a reality (bitter sweet, I guess).

If you're a fan what do you want? Whom do you want? If your the owner, the same question. Should the other half of the boy wonder duo lose some responsibilities and cede control to a Cowher or Parcells-type if that is what it takes?

Who should they hire? Who will they hire? The Jets seemingly have an opportunity here to get a great coach, will they mess it up again?

Looking forward to some thoughts of those smarter than me.


ETA: I have Fassel in there since I said a while back that he could be a dark horse. Not expecting it, but what the hell.

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