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Over the years do you feel the stance on having an elite QB has changed? (1 Viewer)

So since we're finally in full draft swing, 6pt passing leagues... Where 10 or 12 mans, how early are you going for the top 3 elites? Love hearing more opinions on this aspect of fanrasy.
I think early to mid 3rd is where, if available, I will look at Allen/Hurts/Mahomes. I still probably take Higgins, D. Smith, Gibbs, ETN ahead of them. I prefer the QB to Breece, Andrews, Najee, Metcalf.
Heres a question, if you have a keeper already that's solid like Olave perhaps... Do you feel stronger taking one in the 2nd round? So you take let's say ekeler at 4 or 5 maybe, the wrap turns and on way back you take it still there one of the elites... Plus already having then a wr like Olave.. Does that make more sense you feel? Or are you still holding to 3rd if they were still available?
I would probably still hold because the only thing better than 1 solid WR like Olave would be having a second solid WR like Smith or Higgins or Waddle.
See my only rebuttal mainly to that is the percentage of whether your 2nd round pick is helping you at the end of the season more as a QB or a WR, would have to be QB. Like they just have such a better track record I feel it's like a foundation of your team that will be churning out 30+ more regularly weekly, just my pov

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