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RB Jerome Ford, CLE (1 Viewer)

Browns coach Kevin Stefanski said RB Jerome Ford (hamstring) is “week to week.”
Stefanski also said he is hopeful Ford will be ready for Week 1 but couldn’t add anything beyond that. Ford’s status for Cleveland’s opener remains in doubt, but there is at least a chance he is able to suit up. The second-year back went down in practice earlier this week and needed helped off the field. In his absence, John Kelly and Demtric Felton are set to see more work, though the Browns also hosted Jordan Wilkins for a workout this morning.
Hamstrings can linger and even become more problematic.
Felton is not McKissic. Felton runs like a 4.64 with no speed score or burst score to offset. Nor even a bench press score. It's ugly. I'm not really sure how he's managed to stay in the NFL. He must have some insane receiving skills. He's like Dare Ogunwhateverhisname is that sorta stinks but sticks around somehow in the NFL.

eta* Then again, McKissic ran a 4.62 with no speed score and very good burst, but not as good as one would have expected. McKissic benefitted greatly that one year from Checkdown Alex Smith, who peppered him with targets. He got stand-alone usage that year and the next, but I remember thinking "Why?"
On Jerome Ford: “The truth is, no one really knows yet how he’ll fare in blitz pickup, catching the ball out of the backfield and churning out tough yards. But the Browns have seen a lot of growth in him this year in terms of being a better pro and teammate, and they’re hoping that translates to a good performance. They’re also planning to use Nick Chubb more on third down this year, especially while Ford gets back up to speed, and Deshaun Watson will keep some tread on Chubb’s tires with designed runs and RPOs. Ford will probably also return kicks again this season”
Curious if any CLE Homers might have some insight into Ford.

My last 2 RB stashes were Ford & Deuce Vaughn, but Sean Tucker is begging me to pick him up. Does Ford have stand-alone value?
Curious if any CLE Homers might have some insight into Ford.

My last 2 RB stashes were Ford & Deuce Vaughn, but Sean Tucker is begging me to pick him up. Does Ford have stand-alone value?
He was hurt most of preseason so we didn't see or hear much of him. That being said, he is the clear backup to Chubb at this point and will get some plays on his own. I drafted him as a handcuff.
Jerome Ford rushed 15 times for 36 yards in the Browns’ Week 1 win over the Bengals.

Eight of Ford’s carries came on the final two drives. The Bengals had thrown in the towel at this point so there’s not much to read into here. Ford was not targeted while Nick Chubb saw four looks in the passing game. Ford is the clear backup in Cleveland, though it doesn’t look like he has any standalone value for fantasy purposes.

- Rotoworld
Honestly as a dyno owner who picked him up as a speculative dart throw at the end of last year I was concerned after last week that he might just not actually be that good, but he’s looked fantastic tonight
Jerome Ford rushed 16 times for 106 yards in the Browns’ Week 2 loss to the Steelers, adding 25 yards and a touchdown on three receptions.

Ford was thrust into the lead role after Nick Chubb went down with a catastrophic knee injury early in the second quarter. He did not disappoint with the opportunity, amassing 131 yards from scrimmage and a touchdown in the featured role. The highlight of his evening came on a 69-yard eruption down the sideline after it looked like he would be tackled behind the line of scrimmage, falling just short of his second touchdown of the game. Pierre Strong would take it in for an easy score two plays later. It remains to be seen how the Browns will choose to address their backfield with Chubb very likely to be done for the season, but it appears to be in good hands if they choose to stand pat with Ford as the featured back.
- Rotoworld
It's funny to think at one point he had 4 carries for 6 yards... then went 12 carries for 100.
Michael Fabiano
Kareem Hunt gotta be the best bet for the Browns to add as a FA. Don’t be quick to spend all your FAAB on Jerome Ford.
Adam Rank
The Browns already chose Jerome Ford over Kareem Hunt. I wonder if the Browns go a different direction.
Adam Koffler
Somebody said don’t spend your FAAB on new Browns RB1 Jerome Ford, but instead use it on an unemployed Kareem Hunt
Scott Barrett
The Browns very well could bring Kareem Hunt back or trade for Cam Akers. But Jerome Ford is still a 100% FAAB guy
I had picked up Ford preemptively and it looks like it paid off, Ford looks the part as the Browns bell cow RB. But with my luck, they'll go out and trade for Akers and torpedo Ford's value in the process.
I've been high on him since he came out which is why I started this thread but the landing spot was always poo poo unless Chubb went down. Chubb is one of my favorite players in the NFL even though I never seem to have him in fantasy. I feel terrible for him. But giddy up with Ford. He is really good IMO.

Taylor is the only RB I'd be concerned with them trading for and I just don't see it. They have bigger needs. They need a QB. *ducks flying shoes*
Packaged a deal to gain priority, when 2nd was the best I could do, I took it. My league-mate who had the 1st claim had 7 RBs & needs WR, but he took Ford anyway. I'm already plug & punt at RB, great stuff. :)
You just had to know that would happen. He's better off picking up Ford and trading one of his RBs for a WR.
I suppose this would've been bold or insightful.... yesterday. Not that you're listening, but he was offered Jahan Dotson & my 12th rd pick for priority. He's 0-2 & has made no offer to anyone. Adding Ford as a 5th RB makes sense for anyone, including him. But his WR room is three guys, Godwin, Rondale Moore & Tutu Atwell. As I had also mentioned, my leagues score production from the return game. Which means WR3s like a Mims jr. or a Rashid Shaheed can often end up as WR2s. In fact, Shaheed has outscored Olave both weeks & is currently thee WR2, behind only Tyreek Hill. Mims jr. is WR11. This is the same league I have Nacua, my league mate who had priority could've had any one of these guys.

It was a calculated risk, I would do it again. My 4th WR, production-wise is CeeDee Lamb, he's WR13 overall. My WR room is piping hot right now, but it could fizzle out tomorrow & probably will. Today I'm posting on our league board that I'm looking to move a WR for a RB. So, not Ford & Josh Reynolds, rather Mims & Tony Jones. It'll have to do.

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