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Setting up CBS waiver wire options (1 Viewer)


Need a little help, new league and first time setting up league rules on CBSSportsline. My intent is to have the waiver wire order not based on standings but for teams to move to back of line if they execute a pick-up, and move closer to the front if they do not. First week it will be based on reverse of draft order. The explanations on the site suck. I'm also stupid which doesn't help.

For "Add Drop Policy" I have it set to "Use waives process to add/drops".

I have it set to one pick add/drop per week.

And for the "Waiver Order Resets" option I have "Never (always based on prior waives run)"

Will these setting get me what I'm looking for?


Your looking for Never resets. Basically when the draft is over, the team picking last from your draft will have the #1 priority. Once they take a selection, they go to the bottom of the list. Why would you set it to one pickup a week?

yup got Never Resets, so good there.

Not sure on the one per week rule, I guess my intent is for someone to not be able to make multiple moves while the guy at the end looking to move up can only do so if he makes zero moves...is that how it works? Or does the order just change based on the moves that are put in the queue prior to waivers opening (in this case Wed at 2am)?

Example: if unlimited transactions are allowed, team with #1 pick preloads three moves that are executed at 2am Wed morning. Guy with #12 does nothing on Wed, but on Friday ends up making a single add drop. Where does guy in 12 spot who did one move Friday end up relative to guy in 1 spot who did three moves Wed the following week?


If you make 1 selection you immediately go to the bottom, so if your making more than 1 move, everyone after you made your first selection, has a chance to make a move before you can make your second


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