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I know Elias doesn't publish official stat corrections until later in the week, but has anyone seen or noticed anything throughout week 1 that might be changed? Desperate times call for desperate measures (and maybe a prayer or two)......I ended up losing by 0.25 points, which is such an agonizing way to start off the fantasy season....ugh!

Yahoo is currently crediting the Baltimore DEF with 2 fumble recoveries. It wouldn't suprise me if one or even both are corrected later. One "recovery" was the ball that the Baltimore OFFENSE knocked through the back of the endzone after that dip#### Broncos defender decided to deposit the ball at the 1 yard line. The other was Welker's muffed punt. I always though muffed punt != fumble, but could be wrong on this one.

Neither of those help me out, but thanks! I'm not optimistic that there are going to be any changes to actually change the outcome, but I can always hope, right?

Would not be surprised if Jared Allen's sack was changed to a tackle for loss...Stafford decided not to hand the ball off and took off like he thought he could get the first down himself.

I probably came off as a jerk. My thoughts are if you are down and it's not IDP accept the loss. I lost two this week 164.05 to 163.84 and 143.42 to 142.65 and I'm accepting both as losses. It's highly unlikely I get a stat change.

Deangelo Williams on Yahoo keeps bouncing between 76 and 86 yards rushing. What's the official stat line?

I'm in a close game this week too.

Is it standard for CBS to deduct yards lost to a sack from a QB's rushing total?

Pretty sure this loss will be the one that makes you miss the playoffs. Damn...that has to sting. Get going on next year's mocks!

So on ESPN, it looks like the Isaac Redman fumble at the end of PIT's first drive of the game was given to Big Ben instead. NFL.com and Yahoo both credit the fumble to Redman. From everyone in my league's memory, it was initially credited to Redman on ESPN too, but switched at some point after the fact. The scoring corrections in our league have already been processed and this fumble wasn't mentioned among the changes. The Big Ben owner went from having a 1.9 pt win to a 0.1 pt loss, and I'm not sure what we should do about it. Anyone seen this before?

FTR, I'm not the commish and my only stake in this is I had Redman on my bench for W1.

J Jenkins fumble got changed to Olgetree, a guy in my league lost by .2 from it. OUCH, we've all been there if u play long enough

The following stat changes were made by the Elias Sports Bureau, and are now available to be applied to your league on MyFantasyLeague.com:

Cincinnati Bengals at Chicago Bears

  • Stephen Paea: from 4 to 5 Assists.
  • Stephen Paea: from 0 Sacks to 0.5 Sacks for 2.5 Sack Yards.
  • Stephen Paea: from 0 to 1 QuarterBack Hits.
  • Shea McClellin: from 2 to 1 Tackles.
  • Shea McClellin: from 2 to 3 Assists.
  • Shea McClellin: from 1 Sack for 5 Yards to 0.5 Sacks for 2.5 Yards.
  • Shea McClellin: from 1 to 0 Tackles For A Loss.
Miami Dolphins at Cleveland Browns

  • Brian Hartline: from 15 to 14 Targets.
  • Brandon Fields: from 269 to 270 Punt Yards.
Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions

  • Matthew Stafford: from 5 Rushes for 2 Yards to 6 Rushes for -3 Yards.
  • Lions: from 33 Rushes for 117 Yards to 34 Rushes for 112 Yards.
  • Matthew Stafford: from 1 Sack Against for 5 Yards to 0 Sacks Against.
  • Vikings Defense: from 1 Sack for 5 Yards to 0 Sacks.
  • Jared Allen: from 1 Sack for 5 Yards to 0 Sacks.
  • Jared Allen: from 3 to 2 QuarterBack Hits.
Kansas City Chiefs at Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Chase Daniel: from 2 Rushes for -2 Yards to 1 Rush for -1 Yard.
  • Chiefs: from 28 Rushes for 120 Yards to 27 Rushes for 121 Yards.
Arizona Cardinals at St. Louis Rams

  • Alec Ogletree: from 7 to 8 Tackles.
  • Alec Ogletree: from 0 to 1 Forced Fumbles.
  • Janoris Jenkins: from 4 to 3 Tackles.
  • Janoris Jenkins: from 1 to 0 Forced Fumbles.
I lost 2 games last year via stat corrections and 2 of my leagues has 3 game's outcomes changed from stat corrections..ugh


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