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Superbowl odds (1 Viewer)


My betting site has the Steelers at -4 right now as most do. I believe the line started out at -3.5 .... I would like to bet on the Steelers and regret not taking the 3.5 (not that its a huge difference, but you never know).... My question is this: If I wait a little longer, do I have any chance of the line shrinking, or is it most likely to grow because of the huge Steeler fan base nation wide?

This is a total guess, but if it went up already, that probably means that the majority of people were betting on Pittsburgh. They moved it up to hopefully even things out and nudge people into taking Seattle.I would say, unless everyone bites on Seattle at +4 and swings the overall majority of bets to Seattle's side, it will only go up.

I heard it opened higher and if it is at 3.5 than it has come down a point already.
Most sites it opened at 3.5, then it moved to 4 and it actually even hit -4.5 for a day or two on some of them. It has settled back down at -4 on most sites, but you can still get it for -3.5 on a couple of online sportsbooks. Pinnacle Sports has it at -3.5 right now and that is probably the most reliable sportbook on the net. If you want to see the latest lines for each sportbook go here:http://www.covers.com/sports/nfl/nfl_lines.aspx


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