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The Official Giants/Panthers Game Thread (1 Viewer)


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Post your observations and thoughts here.Nothing like living in an NFL city after coming off a good year. There was a buzz around town today. Lots of Panthers talk, Manning talk, and Olympic beach volleyball talk today.A couple of quick notes...Manning gets his first start. A good performance v. the Panther's first team defense will go a long ways towards earning an opening day start.Panther starters are slated to play a half.Panther's have won 6 consecutive pre-season games, although they won't win tonite as the NYG are a super team (I need my pre-season warm up too :D ).Dayne = Speed!

Ahh... the Ron Dayne watch. I am very interested in this since I picked Tiki at the end of the 4th in a Sportsline league. Let's go Tiki :football: .

Thanks for the update Bass. I would have missed it. I was watching the NFL channel and playing cards at partypoker.

I agree with Joe Buck that it looked like Amani slowed up just a little bit after getting past the corner back, if he could have kept in stride that would have been a beauty

nice back-to-back plays out of Steve Smith, he is a tough receiver and he's able to break free when he catches one underneath. I like this kid

Yeah that Carolina drive had what, zero rushes? Nice play by Delhomme, SS and MM..Giants are flirting with my "stay away from all of them" list if their defense keeps this up...Horrible horrible series for Giants.

not a very good series out of Eli there. The special teams didn't help him out much pinning him all the way back on the 10 yard line. He seemed flustered when he came out of that pocket too early though was smart to get rid of it before he took a saftey. Dayne not looking all that great against a non-KC defense.

I told you guys Delhomme and Muhammad were under rated. Carolina = Air Attack!
I don't know about all that, but the threat to be ABLE to throw always makes it easier to run. Maybe they're trying to send the message to other teams that they can beat in the air OR on the ground.And I agree that Muhammed will outproduce A LOT of WRs taken before him this year.
Steve Smith looks like the real deal. I was hesitant to rank him too highly according to last year's performance, but he's certainly starting off right where he left off last season. Although he is acting like this game is the superbowl.

Wow...is the NYG defense that bad or is the Panther offense that good?The Giants got schooled on that last drive. :football:

My observations from this game...-Giants defense is attrocious, if you got a starter going against them definitely play them-Panthers definitely won't have to win every game with their defense as their offense is looking pretty good-Speaking of Panther's O, Steve Smith does look like the real deal. Reminds me a lot of Mason and a season like he had last year is what I'm thinking-IDP alert, if Gamble is the starting CB for the panthers, look for the rookie cb theory to be in full effect as he would definitely be the weak link on that dee-Giants are going to have to score mucho points to win games, I'm going to say whoever tosses the rock for them is going to put up solid numbers

Excuse me while I jump off a bridge........Ok, I deserve to be laughed at when I tell you before the 2003 season, I had Steve Smith, and DROPPED him before the season began. And of course, as fate would have it, the guy who beat me in our championship last year, had picked up Smith after week 1 and has been laughing ever since... :wall: :hot:

Wow...is the NYG defense that bad or is the Panther offense that good?The Giants got schooled on that last drive. :football:
The NY defense is missing their three starting linebackers, so I'm sure that has something to do with it.But yes, the NY defense does suck, and the Panthers offense should be pretty decent this year.

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