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Week 05 2022 who should I start thread **OFFICIALLY UNOFFICIAL** (1 Viewer)

Najee 1st quarter stat line:

5/9, a must start

I’m ready to trade him for Harrison Butker
He's not a "must start" he's a volume play. I expected a terrible stat line from him today but figure he can be a safe floor guy in PPR considering he was likely your first round pick and his backstop may not have his floor/ceiling.

ETA: And we need to remember that the question in this thread was Najee vs Khalil Herbert. As of this post (late 3rd, early 4th quarter) Najee has had 14 opportunities and Khalil has had 4.
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I'm starting C.otton as my flex. Choo Choo!
That's a bold move
It's a big play league where TE is a bit overvalued by the scoring system. I'm hoping he gets 4-55 and maybe a 2 point conversion. I need a nice floor play, team is loaded. He seems perfect.
Halftime and he already paid off. Five catches, forty yards, over ten points already. Thanks Cotton!
Lester Cotton? The guard for the Raiders?

Clearly I'm missing an auto-correct issue...is it Tyler Conklin? No, he has no stats yet...sorry, I feel I am letting you guys down.


Or, that may be the 🍾🍾🥂🍾 talking. It was a good brunch.

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