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Week 8 Questions For Bloom (1 Viewer)

Hi Sig,

Half PPR - need 1 RB and 1 WR

For my RB, Jalen Richard or Smallwood?

For my WR, Cobb, Taylor Gabriel, Trequan Smith, or Marquise Goodwin? 


Need 3 from Golladay, Gordon, Howard, Duke Johnson, R. Jones and Tre'Quan Smith, PPR, one needs to be RB.

Also available Bibbs, D. Martin, T. Cannon at RB and C. Kirk, M. Bryant, C. Sutton, or C. Hogan at WR. 

Would you drop Jones with the Barber news for a guy like Sutton, Ware or M. Brown?
i would wait on dropping jones

12 team standard league who should I start in my flex?

DMart vs Ind

Funchess vs Bal

Lockett @ Det

Rojo @ Cin

Are we queing the Chuck D on Kyle Rudolph?  Geodert, Doyle, Uzomah only viable TE on waivers.  Or I can try and target someone like Njoku and offer Lockett or Funchess to a WR needy team?
try to upgrade at TE


Saw your ROS tiers - great idea, thank you!

1. PPR ROS - Dickson, Roberts, Heuerman or Clay as your injury/bye week fill-in? 

Highest floor?

Most upside?

2. This week, if Gronk is still questionable Sunday morning, would you roll with Herndon or drop Herndon for Clay to hedge against Gronk being inactive?

3. PPR, all things being equal, can you please rank these for best ROS stash- Sutton, McGuire or Blount?

Thanks so much as always and good luck!
roberts ceiling, really no high floor option of the 4

herndon if it looks like gronk is out

sutton blount mcguire

Hey Sig!

In a standard league, I need two out of these three: Sanders, Cooks, Trequan Smith. Normally I’d obviously start Sanders/Cooks, but with Sandejo and Rhodes most likely out for the Vikings, I think Smith will have some big play opportunities (I know you have him as a sleeper). Crazy to entertain benching one of the other guys? Thx 
not crazy but cooks sanders matchups are soooo good

PPR League.

Need to choose one of these two RBs:

* M. Mack @OAK -- Great matchup. A little dinged up. Assume healthy and starting.


* N. Chubb @PIT -- Ceiling is high obviously, but the matchup isn't great against PIT run D.

Going up against #2 scoring team. Projection has us about even.



PPR League.

Need to choose two of these three WRs:

* A. Jeffery vs JAX -- Tough matchup. Ramsey could be on Jeffery. That said AJ Bouye is out along with two other CBs and three rookies will be starting. Think Philly moves Jeffery around.

* J. Brown @CAR -- Good matchup. CAR tougher against the run. May have to go to the air. CAR secondary is burnable.

* J. Gordon vs BUF -- High ceiling, but the matchup isn't great against T. White. White should be on him all game. Could see a lot of underneath to Edelman and backs against this secondary. Also may be blow out city and don't need to throw.

Which two?


Need a QB. 4 points per TD pass.

* A. Dalton vs TB -- Home game at 1pm vs. prime time. Great matchup.


* J. Winston @CINCI --  Same game. Cinci has been torched.  Great matchup as well.

Definitely looking for upside.


really a coinflip

PPR League. Need three of these options.

Note: RBs get 1 pt for every 4 rushing attempts.

* M. Mack @OAK -- Great matchup....if  he's healthy.

* R. Mostert @AZ -- Great matchup. Not sure if Breida is active/healthy. Breida questionable and put in limited practice Friday.

* K. Golladay vs SEA -- Not a great matchup. DET running the ball a bit more. 

* D. Baldwin @DET -- Healthy, should avoid Slay in the slot.

* J. Gordon vs BUF -- Not a great matchup with T. White. High ceiling.

Which 3? 


Tough flex choices this week, mostly very good options. Standard scoring...

Already starting Conner and T.Hill, need 2 more from the following:

M.Thomas, AP, D.Johnson, Chubb, D.Baldwin, C.Hyde

I want to start DJ (find him hard to trust still) and Thomas but feel like the others are in the conversation too. Stuck!

Thanks and GL to you this week also

Hi Sig. I have a few questions:

12-team, 0.5 PPR: I can play 2 of these 3 players: Ingram, Murray, Golladay (leaning towards the first two)
10-team, standard but 10 pts for TD: Am I right in playing Nick Chubb at flex orver Alex Collins?

Need to drop somebody to pick up Gronk insurance (Charles Clay) for Monday night. Hate that  I have to do this.


* A. Dalton -- I have J. Winston. Dalton is on a bye next week. If I drop Dalton just before game time, good chance I could get him back due to the bye (if I want him). Winston @CAR next week...decent matchup.

* A. Jones -- Lottery ticket. McCarthey may wake up here. That said, I have a TON of RB Depth: Gurley, Connor, Chubb, Mack, A. Collins, J. Howard.

* Tra. Smith -- Just picked him up. Think he could emerge 2nd half. I'm much lighter at WR: Jeffery, J. Brown, J. Gordon.

PPR league.

Who would you drop?


Siggy B!

I am in three PPR leagues...

Need a RB and Flex between: Breida, Mostert, Crabtree, OJ Howard

Also a Flex between: Crabtree, Golladay, Evan Engram

Finally: David Njoku or OJ Howard

Thanks for your help, I enjoy listening to your comments on the radio too!

trade question

Crucial deal Bloom counting on you .. 

Tell me what ur gut says 

qb Manhones and Wentz 

I have Drake, Mccafrey , Peterson, Richards,Ekler

Wr Jeffrey Michael Thomas, Tyreek Hill, Lockett , Crabs and Tyrell Williams

TE Njoku,Ebron, Howard

ppr is 1 point

tds are 10 points

1 point for every 10 yards

100 yard rusher and recevier is 5 bonus points

we get catch bonus at 8 catches

te get yardage bonus at 75 yards 

I was offered James White , Keenan Allen for Ebron and Michael Thomas

we start 1 qb 2 rb 3 wr and 1 te and 1 at flex 

im 7-0

DO i need to make this deal .. Drake seems to be coming on as my second back.. Is it worth to upgrade to White and downgrade to Allen from thomas .. 

Rem one thing it really works this way who would u prefer starting Drake and Michael Thomas or James White and Allen .. because my second back is Drake so if you feel White /Allen is a better combo then Drake Thomas or Ap Thomas then the deal is a no brainier . I'm unsure White and Allen are that much better then Thomas /Drake /Ap
yes do it

Hey sig happy hump week. Have two questions 

1) Elijah McGuire still out there in full ppr. Time to pick him up and drop Sutton if he’s still out there on Sunday? Not a tremendous need at RB but looking more like DT not getting traded. 

2.) I need one rb and a flex from J Howard, tre’quan, Chubb, and Richard. I’m thinking game script will benefit Howard and he might actually get 18 touches which would b more valuable than chubbs 18 in a tough matchup that might get away from Cleveland. I want to believe I got a poor man James white in Richard but I don’t trust gruden. I want my namesake Smith to succeed, and I want exposure to a fun Sunday night game so it’s Smith and Howard for me. Thoughts? 
eh hold sutton

Hey Sig, not off to a good start in week 8. My opponent rolled with Lamar Miller last night, and he's got a strong lineup to begin with.

I have two spots I need to make a decision on in a NON-PPR league.

RB: Crowell vs Chicago, or Yeldon vs. Eagles in London (I have Hyde too by the way)

TE: Ebron vs Oakland, or Jimmy Graham vs Rams

Rest of my lineup is Dalton, Chubb, Beckham, Cooks, Hilton and Tucker at PK. Texans DST killed me last night.

Thanks Sig,

                        FPC scoring:

                                              Need 4 of the following:

                                                                                        Duke Johnson @ Pitt

                                                                                        J.Allen @ Car

                                                                                        D.Martin vs Ind

                                                                                        W.Smallwood vs Jax

                                                                                        M.Goodwin @ AZ

                                                                                        D.Funchess vs Balt

                                                                                        K.Cole vs Phi

                                                                                        E.Engram vs Wash

                                              And 3 of the following:

                                                                                       L.Murray vs NO

                                                                                        D.Funchess vs Balt

                                                                                        R.Anderson @ Chi

                                                                                        T.J. Yeldon vs Phi

                                                                                        J.Allen @ Car

                                             And 1 of the following:

                                                                                       K.Cole vs Phi

                                                                                       J.Doyle @ Oak

                                                                                        C.Herndon @ Chi

                                          And 1 of the following:

                                                                                   J.Richard vs Ind

                                                                                   W.Snead @ Car

                                                                                   J.Gordon @ Buff

Mr. Bloom,

Please rank the below RB's & WR's (re: position), ROS (standard):


Howard 1

Collins 3

T. Coleman 5

A. Peterson 4

Chubb 2

C. Carson 6


Golladay 2

C. Davis 5

Baldwin 1

A. Cooper 3

Tre'Q Smith 4

As always, your help is greatly appreciated.

Hey Sig, 

No questions today... just wanted to say thank you for all you do. One of the first things I do every mornin is read your twitter posts. I created my one and only twitter account just to follow you. Please keep up the great work!

Best regards
lol sorry to drag you into that inferno... glad you enjoy!

Hey Bloom!  Thanks again for all your help!

12 team leagues, 1 PPR,  Standard Scoring

Pick 1 Flex:  Agholor @ Jax;   MVS @ LAR;   

Pick 1 QB:  Winston @ Cinc;   Luck @ Oak

Pick 1 RB:  Blount vs Sea;   Mostert @ Ari (assuming breida out)

Pick 1 QB: Wilson @ Det;  Big Ben vs Cle

Who is the better cuff for Gurley?  M. Brown  or  J. Kelly

ppr is 1 point

tds are 10 points

1 point for every 10 yards

100 yard rusher and recevier is 5 bonus points

we get catch bonus at 8 catches

te get yardage bonus at 75 yards 

who to start at Flex..

Richards, Ebron,Lockett ,Tyrell Williams, Crabtree , OJ Howard 

PPR league, start 2 RB and 2 WRs with a flex (RB, WR, TE)

My RBs: Kamara, Barkely, Collins, Ekeler

WRs: AJ Green, Smith-Schuster, Sanders, Baldwin and Te'quan Smith

Given my WR depth would I be better off dropping T. Smith for someone like Ito Smith, Peyton Barber, Ronald Jones, Penny, McGuire or Wayne Gallman (handcuff)? If so, which one?

hold quan

ppr is 1 point

tds are 10 points

1 point for every 10 yards

100 yard rusher and recevier is 5 bonus points

we get catch bonus at 8 catches

te get yardage bonus at 75 yards 


who to start at Flex..

Richards, ,Lockett , Crabtree , OJ Howard , Adrian Peterson

Hi Bloom,

Frustrated Fournette owner here. Both Dion Lewis and Hyde are FAs in my league (non-PPR), so considering the possibility that Conner loses significant value when Bell comes back (though that could dovetail with Fournette's return), would you drop any of the below to grab one of Hyde or Lewis?

RB: Conner, Fournette, Cohen, Chubb, Peterson, Collins

WR: Evans, Boyd, John Brown, Doug Baldwin

TE: Engram (have Gronk, but he's a risk for Monday)

id stand pat

JoeyJoJoJuniorShabadoo said:
Hi Bloom 

Need a Wr2, and a flex from this motley crew. Thank you for your inputs as always 

Crabtree, Yeldon, Hyde, Jalen Richard, Trequan Smith (also have Breida but I'm assuming he won't play) 

Scoring is 0.5 PPR, 1 point per 10 yards rushed and received, 2 point bonus for 100, 150 and 200 yards 

theEinherjar said:

I have 2 Questions this week, both for a 12 team, PPR league


First, this is more of a long term strategy question -

ESPN wrote an article about how the effectiveness of the Rams offense could result in disaster for Fantasy GMs - http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/25064248/how-los-angeles-rams-clinch-2018-nfl-playoffs-early-wreck-fantasy-teams

Essentially the logic is that the Rams will clinch the top seed in the NFC by week 14 or 15 and sit all of their starters for the remainder of the regular season, meaning Gurley et al. won't be available for the fantasy championship.  Is this just hot air or do you think it's worth considering trading Gurley in order to get high value FF players on less dominate real football teams.  Probably this is nothing but, with the fantasy trade deadline looming, this kind of call has to be made this week or next.


Second - What do you think about this trade:

giving Mark Ingram & Julian Edelman

getting David Johnson

It would mean playing Tre'Quan Smith in flex.  Am I giving too much?

As always, appreciate everything you do!  Thanks :)
hold your rams

im open to making bold moves for johnson going into this week with leftwich taking over

Hello Sig. ThankYou in advance.

League 1

  • Chubb, Conner, Howard (need 2 - standard scoring w/ PPR)
  • Funchess, Golloday or one of the above not selected for Flex (standard scoring w/ PPR) leaning Golloday

League 2:

  • Mostert, Chubb, Ingram (need 2 - standard scoring w/ PPR and bonus at 100 yds) leaning Chubb, Mostert as NO is tough against the run and I believe Mostert and Chubb will both get more carries and snaps.
  • Suggested DEF to pick up? 

    Options suck but SF, DET or SEA or do I roll with MINN who is already rostered against NO?  Sendejo and Rhodes both out.

ppr is 1 point

tds are 10 points

1 point for every 10 yards

100 yard rusher and recevier is 5 bonus points

we get catch bonus at 8 catches

te get yardage bonus at 75 yards 


who to start at Flex..

Richards, ,Lockett , Crabtree , OJ Howard , Adrian Peterson

Hey Sig-

.5 PPR -

Flex - Smokey, TreQuan, or  Breida if he is cleared?

Flex - Shady, Taylor Gabriel, Mostert, or Lockett?

1 PPR - 

Ben or Luck

Geronimo or Fitz?

Pick up Ronald Jones for Clement as bench depth?


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Hey Sig-

.5 PPR, need a 2nd RB- Crowell, Barber, Richard

And need a Flex- Ebron, Allison, or anyone above? 


Sup Sig, 

Underdog this week, Need TE and Flex in .5PPR:




Tre Smith


Mart Bryant

Ant Miller

Also,  as a team that will make the playoffs:   Flacco or Stafford ROS??


yes do it
Let's hope ur right I was torn with this one .. my new lineup is Manhomes, Mcaffrey,white ,Drake ,Allen ,hill ,Jeffrey ,Njoku and Zuerlain..

Before I had manhomes, mcaffrey,Drake ,Peterson ,Thomas ,hill ,jefrrey ,ebron and zuerlain.. it's really a roll of the dice ..don't let me down bloom ..I'm a huge fan of ur podcasts and of the sites . 7-0 n hopping to win it all back to back years 

Hey Sig, 

Need 2 Wr’s in standard league from Galladay, Josh Gordon, Lockett.

Different league also standard need a flex from Jeffery, Chubb, and Sutton.



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